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Does your brand convey a message with a precise tone of voice? Branding is all about creating a succinct and uniform identity through visuals and content. However, this isn’t just achieved through how a logo looks or its tagline. There are several portions to branding. Content being one of them.

Naturally for us, we want to focus on content in branding. Without messaging and copy there is no brand.

What has content got to do with branding?

Everything. Once you have decided on your brand (logo, messaging, personality, outlook etc.) it’s up to you to ensure that all of your products coincide with your brand. Whether it’s the content on your website, the copy on your app or the wording in your advertisement.

Content marketing is big, especially when it comes to developing and maintaining your brand. Without a content strategy you will not be able to tell the story of your brand.

Content represents your brand

Businesses are respecting content more and more. The reason being that it allows them to use their expertise to build an authority and create valuable information for potential customers.

Content spreads awareness, increases trust and connects you with customers and other professionals.

Isn’t that what all business owners want to achieve?

Every piece of copy, however long or short, represents you and your brand. This provides you with a great opportunity to show off your brand’s personality in content.

Each business and industry differ in terms of target audience. Yet humanising your brand and giving it emotional appeal increases loyalty and gives it relatable meaning for your customers.

From producing marketing blogs to show off the commercial side of your brand to writing a killer video script to make your customers laugh and show your lighter side, all copy contributes to your brand.

Use copy to control brand perception

Content marketing should focus on your customers, but also your brand’s perception and your company’s view and culture. Everything and anything you share through content represents your brand – or at least it should!

How to convey your brand through content

Your content strategy should give a part of your business’ identity to your audience. When someone buys into a brand, it sticks with them.

You need to be transparent in your content. People appreciate honesty, whether it’s about you and your team or your services and its cost.

Give your customers exactly what they want. You as the industry professional will know exactly what they want, so give it to them straight!

Most of all, help them understand who you are. By showing them your true identity, they can build a much better connection with you.

Would you like to create on-brand messaging and content?

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