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Website content can cause much confusion and debate for some – the words ‘website content’ to me stands as a phrase that has several meanings. What is actually meant when a person talks about your ‘website content’?

What is considered to be Website Content?

Funny question this one, but ask around and I’m sure you’ll get many different answers. Website content is clearly content that is present on a website. As you know, a website has many different spaces across it, making it difficult to know if website content is a collective name for every single piece of writing across a site, or whether it is referring to the main pages of your website; landing page, homepage, about us page, services page, portfolio and contact page.

I’m a firm believer that it can in fact be used to refer to a website’s content in different ways – it’s available for interpretation.

Website Content Collective

Website content in a collective term refers to all faces of a website. When people speak sparsely about a website’s content, they will be referring to the writing on every single page of a website. If someone was to look through a website and make a comment about the quality of your website content on a general note, they may say:

“Your website content is great.” or “Your website content could do with a thorough edit.”

They don’t refer to a specific page, but they speak in general about your website’s content.

Website Content Singular

Website content in a singular term will refer to a specific page or couple of pages of your website’s content, maybe even the blog. An in-depth look into your website content will mean that a person will go through your content page by page and give you feedback on your website content. An example of this could be –

“Your website content is good. I particularly enjoyed the About Us page.” or “Your website content needs work, especially your About Us & Services pages.”

They will usually have a focus on a specific page or couple of pages.

Website Copy

I think this could be seen as similar to the contrast between content writing and copywriting (which will be another blog of mine in time). They’re extremely similar but very different.

Website copy is extremely important to a website. Not only does it give you an identity, but it’s important for other means of the digital sphere, including advertising, marketing and Search Engine Optimisation to name just three.

Why is this important?

I believe this interpretation to be important because it allows you to understand exactly what I would do as your content writer. Working together requires honesty, and with this blog post, you can understand my attitude toward content writing, in particular, website content writing.

My main approach is to view your content as a whole across your entire website. However, my other services, like my Copywriting & Content Rewrite services focus on specific pieces of content.

Flexible Content Writing – both singular and collective content

My online writing services are flexible to suit you. Whether your website requires new content across the entire website, or you require regular blog posts & SEO articles, or you would like me to rewrite certain pieces of content, we will be able to work together.

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