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Here’s one of the most common ‘vs’ blog topics you can come across – Content Writing vs Copywriting. Although it is so common, I will try not to bore you with the ‘same old’ information you can read on any other writing blog.

This blog is focussed on allowing you to see which writing service YOU require, whether with TJ Creative or another writing business.

The basic difference

The basic difference between the two is their purpose. Content writing focuses on entertaining your reader and ensuring they are engaged by the content, whilst copywriting usually has the focus to market, advertise and persuade.

Spotting the difference within a piece of content can be difficult for some. Yes, they both focus on writing, however, their purpose and reading are entirely different.

The easy distinction: 

Content writing – to engage, entertain and entice the reader to read on or find out more.

Copywriting – to grab the reader’s attention through attractive copy with the aim to advertise, persuade and successfully emit the tone of a brand.

From a writer’s point of view, we each have a different view on content writing and copywriting, and most of us would have a style of writing that we prefer. Fortunately for you, here at TJ Creative, we can provide both styles of writing.

Content Writing

When you write content, you need to be confident in your ability to write. You need to be creative and expressive to produce content that is entirely unique and suited to you. So much so, your customers should be able to recognise your writing from your content – that’s the best kind of content.

Not only does your writing ability matter, but so does the ability to convey your meaning solely through your writing.

Interacting with someone you haven’t met can be daunting, it may even seem impossible to enthral them, but it isn’t. Depending on your target audience, you will know how best to appeal to them, especially if you are either experienced in your industry or have conducted research.

Content writing tips: be concise with your writing. Aim for quality rather than quantity. Communicate directly to your reader and strive to inform them with natural and entertaining content with a personality.


Are you a persuasive person? If so, then copywriting could be for you. You can be as creative as you like when it comes to copywriting; the more creativity the better.

Copywriting is now more than just advertisement. It has adapted over the years, with thanks to technological advancements. Copywriting has become a big part of Search Engine Optimisation, and that’s due to the importance of producing regular and organic content.

Copywriting tips: produce attractive copy with a structure – appealing headlines, sub-headings and even pictures. Use clear wording to build trust with the reader. Write with simple vocabulary to allow your audience to relate and try to avoid confusing jargon.

What writer do you require?

Do you require website content for your main site pages? Or do you require regular blog articles for your website? Both of these requirements require a writer, but what type of writer? When you require website content, then you will need a content writer. For blog posts, articles or even brochure writing, you will require a copywriter.

Do you need to choose one or the other?

The combination of content writing and copywriting is actually perfect for any content marketing strategy. This combination is often what we encourage for our clients when they decide to use our online writing services, due to the fact effective SEO campaigns rely on quality content.

By combining the two writing strategies for your website is well and truly the way forward to make your website a success. It’s important to have a content marketing strategy for your website’s content, which focuses on your website’s main content and then the ongoing content that we would produce together.

Content marketing the right way

Our typical content marketing strategy begins with the content displayed on your website. We would either review your current content, or work closely with you to produce content for your website. Elements of copywriting will come into play, usually with a focus on the SEO. However, producing interesting content is far more important than the advertisement or SEO value of your content.

Once we have the foundation of your website content through your site’s main pages, that is when we can begin exploring other avenues for expanding on your website’s content through articles, blog posts, landing pages and posting on various other platforms.

Combine content marketing with digital marketing

Ensuring your website succeeds will require more than just content marketing. Content plays a significant part in your website’s overall quality and ranking on search engines, but you will need to employ other strategies too.

This is why here at TJ Creative we offer a wide variety of writing services to suit our clients. Yes, we can produce quality content for your website, but we are also committed to providing other creative digital marketing type services, including social media post writing and social media management, content writing for distribution on external websites or as a guest blogger, along with producing printed media copy and more.

Got a plan for your content and digital marketing?

If you have a plan for either your content marketing or digital marketing, then do get in touch, we are always open to helping in any way we can.

Whether you require our content writing, copywriting, creative writing, content rewriting & editing, social media services, or you require advice or a recommendation on using another digital marketing company, then we know many reliable digital marketers who we could work with to give you the best results.

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