Content is what your marketing can't live without

“Content is what your marketing can’t live without”

Put that on a freaking t-shirt!

It’s time to stop thinking of content as an expense and start seeing it as an investment.

Content is needed in any marketing you do. In fact, it’s the most fundamental part.

The approach you choose to take (SEO, Paid Ads, Email, video) is the marketing element, but content is what gets your message across and helps you achieve your goal.

Ultimately, you can’t get a message across and drive action from customers if you have no or poor content.

Why content is the best investment your business can make

Content is an asset that you own

Any asset holds or increases in value. Content as an asset, and as long as it’s a quality piece of content, it will grow in value.

Great website content can push your website to the number one rank better than anything else. Invest well and you shall reap the (SEO) rewards (aka the number 1 spot).

It’s not all about getting to pole position though. Content is your opportunity to show your target audience just how much value you can offer them. It should help them with any questions they may have and give them the confidence to finally solve their problem by enquiring or buying from you.

This can be achieved through any channel. A video on YouTube, an email campaign or a series on social media can deliver those important value messages.

If you help them, you’re more likely to gain their trust and therefore their custom.

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Content can be distributed forever

And ever and ever and ever… That’s right, content is a long term thing.

PPC and other paid methods are like expensive candles that eventually burn out. But content is like a candle with an infinite wick.

There is always something new to say, and there’s different ways to say it.

The beauty of content is that it’s so varied. You could be creating videos, blogs and emails, which all reach your target audience in different ways.

Content can provide compounding returns

Content costs 62% less than traditional marketing, but generates 3 times as many leads! Almost sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? It’s not.

Just one of our blogs saw a 162% increase in traffic in the last 12 months vs the previous 12 months, bringing in thousands of people to our website.

Get it right, and you will see a great return on investment for years to come.

Content can drive traffic long after its creation

High quality, relevant content will continue to drive traffic to your website no matter how long it has been live for. Just be sure to keep it up to date if it has information that is time-sensitive.

Our website traffic more than doubled from 2021 to 2022 from 6k to 14.5k thanks to our content production in 2022.

Our traffic is purely organic (meaning from Google Search, Bing and the like), we don’t do paid ads anywhere. We practise what we preach, we use content to grow our own business.

That’s because content is evergreen. Started singing Will Young then? Us too.

Content can be repurposed over and over again

Any content asset you create will grow over time on its own, but there are other ways to really grab that asset by the horns and ride it out to just that little bit longer.

Let’s say you invest in a blog. The beauty of this is that blog content can be adapted into other assets; social posts, social ads, emails, videos, whatever you like.

That blog copy asset you invested in is now performing on multiple levels and building an even better return on investment.

If you’ve put the legwork in to create high quality content in the first place, then make sure you do it justice when you repurpose it.

Essentially, you still want to drive the same behaviours, but you’re just presenting it in a different way. Be it an email, a social media post, or a landing page, keep your end goal in mind.

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Content is the key to a successful sales funnel

Talking of end goals, if you’re reading this, you’re probably trying to increase your sales. That’s usually the end goal of any type of marketing.

And the magic of content is that you can reach potential customers at every stage of the sales funnel.

What’s even better is that good content can push someone through to the next stage.

Discovery > Consideration > Purchase

We’ll let you into a secret now…

Content shouldn’t stop at the point of purchase. Oh no.

Content – in particular email content, can be your number 1 ally to drive even more success.

You can use it to offer a personalised user experience which will increase brand loyalty and repeat purchases (This is a lot cheaper than trying to get new customers all the time!).

Content allows you to understand what your customers want

Some marketing techniques are a bit of a stab in the dark. It can be hard to know what the return on investment is.

But with content, you can get right into the nitty gritty.

Look at what performs well, what drives traffic, what converts, what drives engagement and what doesn’t.

Understanding these metrics will be the key to your success. Take what works and repeat the process.

If you don’t know what to look at when it comes to evaluating your content’s performance, check out our guide on how to analyse your content performance.

Getting to know your audience through data will allow you to understand their behaviours and get one step ahead of the game. A better understanding of what works means you’ll spend less time (and money) on what doesn’t work.

Content allows you to position yourself as an expert in your industry

In a world where there is so much content, never underestimate the power of being an industry expert. People will listen, people will follow and people will buy.

If you are creating authoritative content on relevant topics, you will build trust. People are more likely to buy from you.

Plus, it’s a chance to show that you have the solutions to your customers’ problems.

When it comes to website content, Google ranks according to authority. So if you’re creating high-quality content about your industry, Google will push you up the rankings.

The higher you rank, the more likely people will click on your website. And if you have more great content on your website, a person is more likely to stay… and buy.

It’s a no brainer really.

Content gives you the chance to tell your story

Your brand story and roots is arguably the most important piece of the marketing jigsaw. It’s the basis of everything you do.

Telling your story makes your brand more human. It’s a way to connect with people and show your personality.

Content gives you the chance to tell your story, your way.

How to create successful content

Anything successful starts with a plan. You know the saying, ‘fail to plan and you plan to fail’? Well, your content isn’t any different.

Successful content requires a solid strategy. If you don’t have a strategy, you’re going nowhere.

Aimlessly creating tonnes of content with no direction is completely pointless. That makes content an expense rather than an investment.

The key to success is to align your strategy to your business goals and invest in the right content assets accordingly.

This could be:

Website content

Blog posts

– Case studies

– Emails

Landing pages

Social content

But first, before you even put pen to paper, you need to research:

  • What are your customers/potential customers searching for?
  • What are your competitors doing?
  • How can you stand out from the crowd?
  • You need to take a step back and look at what people are searching for. Are there any trends you can tap into? Always have in mind your end goal.

Content created today can be worth millions in the future.

An effective content strategy can help you to:

  • Increase your reach
  • Increase your brand awareness
  • And increase your sales

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