5 Budget-Friendly Tactics to Increase Your Website Sales

You’ve got an amazing product and an online store for selling it, but you’re just not seeing online sales coming in. You’re not alone. Plenty of other businesses are in the same boat.

Whether selling a product or service, generating sales online is a challenge. Sometimes it’s down to your website not making the cut, or that your website just isn’t getting the attention it deserves, it affects your cash flow and limits you. With little income being generated, it means there’s no budget to re-invest back into your marketing, leaving you in a really difficult situation.

There are so many little things that push a website visitor in one way or the other. As a business owner, sometimes it’s easy to overlook the areas that need work.

How to increase your online sales with a small budget

Listed below are a few methods used by successful websites online by small and large businesses. Try these out and turn your website into a conversion machine!

Make a lasting impression with a high quality brand

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Is your brand image doing enough for you? When a visitor first looks at your logo or website, it should give them a lasting impression. There should be a WOW factor that invites your visitor to stay for a while. They should feel

To be successful in this, you need a combination of design elements. Colour, fonts, and imagery can be used in your favour to give your website a stunning appearance. Your website should clearly express your brand and have a unifying flow.

A key part of branding is creating a one-of-a-kind logo. To keep things budget-friendly, stick to a free design tool. Tools like Canva are straight-forward for getting your logo completed in minutes.

If, however, you’re looking for a bespoke logo, we can help.

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Build trust with potential consumers through your happy customers

Have you ever bought something online which wasn’t quite what you were expecting? With so many buying options online, it can be difficult to know which product to choose.

Online shoppers rely heavily on proof that tells them, “this product is quality!”. It can make a world of difference to display evidence on your website that lets prospective customers know you’re the real deal.

Here are some examples:

  • Testimonials – statements from happy customers, explaining what they like about the product and/ or customer service.
  • Case studies – customer success stories; a story of their experience using your product.

*Pro Tip – to give your case study a twist, make it into a video. Vidyard is a great free tool.

Create urgency and excitement to help customers into a quick decision

If visitors don’t feel a sense of urgency to buy now, the chance of them returning to a website are reduced dramatically. This is why it’s so important to optimise your site to convert on the first go.

Giving visitors reason to believe they might miss out on a deal is a powerful tactic for driving sales. Here are methods for ramping up the urgency:

  • Strategic wording – use words such as: exclusive, one time only, today only, before it’s gone… etc.
  • Use deadlines – create an offer with a limited time, heighten the urgency with a timer. Make your own timer to embed on your website, free with CountingDownTo.
  • In-stock countdown – put on display just how many are left of a product before it’s sold out.

Offer a money back guarantee – ease any new customer nerves

Take away the risk factor by offering a money back guarantee. This has an impact on the customers’ reasoning while they’re deciding to buy or not. If there’s no risk involved, there’s no reason not to try the product.

A money back guarantee also shows that the business backs the product and is confident in its quality. Yet another reassurance to the customer.

See how people are looking through your website, subtle content changes can make a difference

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Do a detailed analysis to see exactly what’s working and what isn’t on your website. For example, try out Hotjar, a free data visualisation tool. It uses heat maps to visually show you patterns in the user experience of your website. You might be able to figure out exactly what part of your site might be discouraging customers!

Make sure your website has clear, direct calls to action. Also, check that your website is optimised for mobile. A lot of people shop from the convenience of their phones, so it’s extremely important to be mobile-friendly.

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