Content is the core to all successful marketing

For effective marketing, content must be at the centre of it all. It could be the difference between success and failure!

It’s no secret that content is integral to every marketing strategy. However, there are still many businesses, brands, individuals and marketers out there who undervalue content.

‘Content’ comes in many forms, but we’re focussing on the written form.

How content affects your marketing

Whether you’re thinking about your website’s aim or how you wish to come across to customers on social media, the content/copy/wording you create will have a huge say on that. That’s why content needs to be at the heart of everything you do.

I’ll assume you’re someone who has a brand, a business, a product or a service that you’re looking to market. Some of you might think that once you’ve got a name, logo, slogan, website and some social pages that you’re ready to go. No, you’re not, you’ve literally just scratched the surface.

The equivalent of this is opening up a corner shop and forgetting to buy your stock. There you are left with a shop with some empty shelves. You’ve not even decorated yet!

Your shell of a brand or business needs some substance to it, and that’s where marketing & content marketing comes into the occasion.

Marketing… let’s home in on this

Just saying the word marketing is all very well, but it’s such a broad term. What element of marketing are we talking about? Search marketing? Social marketing? Either way, your marketing needs direction. The best way to gain some perspective on your brand’s or business’s direction is through your content marketing strategy.

Going back to search and social marketing, these alone rely heavily on content. Yes, ok, the digital world is very visual, but it’s the content behind those visuals that really push it. You need the right amount of content, in the right tone and directed at the right people. But to ensure that all content is directed at your target audience, you need to first identify your target audience, understand their needs, and decide on how you will connect with them and appeal to them.

Content is not only key to effective marketing…

Content is king they say. I say content is the mother fudging king, queen, lord… it’s basically the boss. Marketing, branding, advertisement, digital marketing, printed media, day-to-day business activities, it all relies on the written (or typed) word!

We actually published a blog last month focussing on how content is a key element in branding… can you see a theme developing here?

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