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Haslemere residents are no stranger to the fact that Haslemere is packed out with hairdressing businesses. Whether you’re in the centre of Haslemere town or you’re on the periphery in Wey Hill or further, you will more than likely walk or drive past a hairdresser or barber.

Haslemere has been known for the past two decades for its selection of hairdressers and barbers, but now there are new businesses opening across the town to compete with those well-established businesses. It’s all very well going up against them or being one of those long-standing businesses, but now we’re in the digital age, it’s imperative for you to have an online presence and to have an online and offline marketing strategy in place to succeed.

Create a marketing strategy to stand out

So how exactly can you stand out from the crowded hairdressing market in Haslemere? By employing a marketing strategy.

We may specialise in writing and digital marketing, but we’re no stranger to marketing as a whole. Haslemere boasts a great community and it’s vital that you take advantage of this, along with exploring your online marketing opportunities.

What you need to think about for your digital marketing strategy?

How’s your website looking? Do you even have one!?

Whether you do or not, it’s key to ensure that your website is appealing to use and easily discoverable online. You will want to rank for Haslemere as well as the surrounding areas – ideally Surrey and Hampshire.

To ensure your website is both appealing to users and search engines, you will need to come up with engaging website content. Your website content needs to show your personality whilst also encouraging potential customers to act.

Think about how else you can be discovered online

Your website is a big deal and will most likely be the place where your customers will find you, but there are other places online too. Social media plays a part in your online presence – your profiles are discoverable on search engines. You will also want to explore your options in terms of listing your businesses on business directories and databases.

Something that you will want to do is sign your business up for a Google My Business page too and keep it updated regularly.

Embrace social media

Your social media profiles must be on-brand and active. The saying goes that if you aren’t posting regularly there’s no point in having a social media profile at all!

These are just a start for putting together your digital marketing strategy but it’s not all about your digital presence (although this will make you stand out online).

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