How smart businesses generate leads from their website

You’re here because you want to be one of those smug business owners or marketing managers who can see their website getting tons of hits, enquiries and sales. They don’t even have to leave their house or office to get them, they come to them. The ultimate dream!

To help you become one of those people, let’s talk about website lead generation.

Website lead generation

It’s a bit of a marketing buzzword ‘lead generation’, and it features in the title of many professionals’ job descriptions. But what is it really?

At its core, lead generation is simply luring unsuspecting target customers to your business (yes, we definitely could’ve made that sound less sinister).

In our opinion, the most effective lead gen tactics revolve around your website. As the saying goes, your website is your shop window.

Which is all well and good, but firstly, people need to actually be able to find your shop window to have a look in, and secondly, when your website is a shop window, it’s no good if your customers are banging their heads against it rather than coming in.

What on earth are we going on about?

Site navigation. User experience. How your users get around your website.

It’s essential that when a shiny new potential customer lands on your website, they like what they see. They can easily tell where they need to go next. Their questions are answered. You get our drift.

To address this, we shoot for high quality content. Every damn time.

Relevant content that speaks to your prospects not only makes them think you’re fabulous, but it’s marvellous for SEO, too. Sit tight – more on that coming right up.

Impatient for content? Sold already? Got ya – here you go – here’s next steps.

For those of you who are eager to stick around, strap in, it’s time to go in deep.

Read on to discover why creating high quality website content is always the answer to generating more leads from your website.

Unleash the power of SEO!

Although content is the answer, SEO is the bit that happens before your visitors get to your life-altering content.

By which we mean – SEO is the driver of traffic to your website’s content. If you’re not quite sure what this acronym (search engine optimisation) is all about, pop yourself off here for a moment. We’ll be here when you’re ready to carry on reading.  

So – let’s talk about SEO as the initial important piece in the content puzzle.

First up.

Is SEO the same as lead generation?


But SEO and lead generation are perfect partners in crime.

Effective SEO strategies complement lead generation tactics through generating valuable and relevant organic traffic to your site. But it’s the quality of the content and the user experience that gets them to stick around.

Example, you’re still reading this very blog. You very likely came from a search engine, landed here, and now you’re still reading and interested in this content.

Not bad, eh!?

How to harness the power of SEO

If you think SEO is a minefield, you’d be right.

That’s why sites like ours exist with stellar SEO services.

However, there’s a few quick fixes that you can take to rapidly improve your website’s SEO and generate more leads:

  • Know your keywords. Really take the time to understand your keywords and the intent of those keywords being searched by your customers, then write amazing content to satisfy your customers.
  • Make it snappy. No-one likes a slow website. Work to make your site as fast as possible. Optimise images. Make your website really responsive on mobile. Don’t use heavy animations and glitchy videos. They’re just a few pointers to get you started.
  • Keep it local. Play to your strengths and hammer home the value of local and where you are in the world to show up in local searches. Local appeal is a good starting point in SEO.
  • CONTENT. You didn’t think we’d missed this, did you? Meaningful content is the most influential factor on search engine rankings.

When done right, web pages with well-thought out, valuable content will boost your website’s overall domain authority, which also helps your site to rank better in searches.

Ready to take your SEO marketing to the next level and get more leads? Get in touch

How to use digital content to grow your online presence

Website visitors need valuable content. Whether they know it or not. 

What a wonderful world it would be if leads flocked to your website, bought something, or signed up to your services immediately. Alas, for most of us, this is a pipe dream.

Think of your website visitors as being in a funnel

To convert your visitors into valuable customers, you must take them by the hand and guide them carefully through the funnel to what you want them to see.

Shall we take an example? Meet Mr Fish 

Mr Fish is a customer with an obsessive tropical fish collecting habit. He wants to get his tank cleaned (not a euphemism) regularly. He’s looking for a new service that will meet his high standards and take care of his prized fish.

He turns to Google Search.

After searching for Tropical fish tank cleaning services, he is delighted to find that such a service exists near him. But Mr Fish has questions. Of course he does. He’s not going to hand over his valuable guppies to just anyone.

The business website he lands on catches his interest immediately. Featuring immersive videos and images of brightly coloured fish, he’s hooked (sorry).

So what does Mr Fish want to know? How far down the funnel is he at this point?

Digital marketing funnel

If we take the visual above, Mr Fish is still firmly in the Attention phase of the funnel. Yes, his interest is piqued, but he’s not quite there yet to take that action and become a lead.

Mr Fish is likely to have the following considerations and concerns:

  • How does the tank cleaning service work?
  • How can they guarantee his angel fish will make it through the experience unscathed?
  • Who else has had their tanks cleaned by this business?

That’s just the start. To answer his how questions, must succinctly and confidently deliver this information.

One of the best ways to achieve this is through dedicated service/product pages, or blogs which answer his questions.

Also, Google (other search engines are available) love questions being answered for their users. After all, the search engines aim is to provide the best results for the searcher.

Happily, has created a lot of content; from their product pages, landing pages, blogs and FAQ pages, they’ve covered off every question that fish owners have ever thought of (and quite a few more besides).

Mr Fish is happy with this. His confidence is growing as he reads their content across the website. He’s moved down to the Interest phase.

However, he’s not yet sold. He wants to know more. Such as if other like minded fishy friends have used this business’s service.

Ta-da! Testimonials and case studies. Call them what you will, quotes from satisfied customers are the holy grail of reassurance.

“I used last month and I’m delighted with the service. They came to my house and cleaned my tank there and then. My fishes were well taken care of throughout, and I detected no anxieties from any of them. Would use again, 5*****, blah blah blah.” 

This is the kind of thing we’re talking about.

Mr Fish is swimmingly confident now. He’s ready to make a decision. Now he’s wanting to get to the nitty gritty of the service. How much is it? When can he book an appointment?

Again, has it covered. Their transparent pricing page includes all of their available services, and, together with a handy scheduling tool, means that Mr Fish can book a time slot there and then.

He’s moved down to Action. has a new customer. Success. 🐠

Unsure that trusted content has the power to do all that?

Before working with us, Cross-Stitch Interior had a minimal online presence.

Creating quality content for product pages that engaged visitors had the effect of a whopping 10050% increase in online sales.

Check out the full case study here

Different content for different journeys

Of course, that’s just one B2C example. Your business’s funnel will undoubtedly vary, and include more or less steps.

The premise is pretty much the same – Awareness, Interest, Decision, and Action. You need to serve up content to meet your user’s needs in this funnel.

You may promote your business’s services or products with downloadable infographics, detailed case studies, or specialist gated content. You know how long your typical sales process is. It’s a case of nurturing your leads appropriately to address their concerns and be confident that your business is the right choice for them. Then applaud their decision.

Sorry to harp on, but it’s the content that’s the key. That’s the nurturing process, the ultimate decision maker, and the value add.

Above all, content demonstrates that your business knows exactly what it’s talking about. It’s the differentiator between you and your competition.

If a website visitor lands on your site and sees that your latest blog post was way back in 2019, alarm bells will ring, and you ain’t getting no leads today.

If you’re not sure what kind of content plan would work best for you, we at TJ Creative give you the best options and help you to decide.

Tips to generate leads for your business website

Because we’re all-round, generous types of folk, next up are some foolproof ideas that you can use today.

Tips that will help generate leads for your business and make you a very happy camper indeed.

How do I get website leads?

Hopefully you’ve been paying attention. Content is how you get website leads.

Answering your users’ questions better than anyone else. Providing helpful information.

That was a trick question. Next!

How do I turn website visitors into leads?

To convert website visitors, it’s important to know where they come from.

Using free tools like Google Analytics, you can uncover a veritable goldmine of information.

For instance, you might discover that the majority of your visitors are coming via Facebook. Armed with this data, you can create optimised landing pages for those visitors. Generate special offers just for Facebook users. The opportunities are endless.

But, back to content 😂. Seriously. If your website visitor lands on your page, you’ve got around 8 seconds to keep their attention. That means that your content has to grab them pretty much immediately. Your visitors need to see the value your business offers them, and pronto.

Give me some lead gen content ideas, please

Keeping your content fresh and interesting is how you generate leads and keep them as loyal customers.

You know your audience. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t experiment with new content formats to mix things up.

Here’s some free lead gen ideas:

  • Trials – If your business model fits, why not offer a free trial? Your visitors will see immediate value, and everyone loves free. To do this successfully, make it as easy as possible for users to sign up – no blockers, and definitely no credit card form fills.
  • Checklists – Start by teasing your website visitors with easy access tips. Then offer up a free checklist – providing they hand over their email addresses. You’ve then got their details to show them how valuable your business is to them.
  • Nurture emails – Send a series of marketing emails to users who’ve opted in to your communications. Content such as giveaways, informing them of new services and products, and exclusive access to pre-sales are all great strategies.
  • Reports and guides – Data has become a very valuable commodity. Pretty much regardless of industry. Consider compiling a data-heavy report or guide based on your own research.
  • Podcasts – Podcasts are ideal for establishing your business as a thought leader and expert in your field. Use excerpts for your social media feeds and publish podcasts on your website. You’ll soon grow an audience and a strong digital brand presence.

How do I generate leads for my ecommerce website?

The same advice applies for ecommerce as any other type of industry. So don’t skip conducting data-backed keyword research, following best practice SEO, and creating quality content.

From there, generating leads specifically for your ecommerce website involves a touch of psychology. You need to harness your prospects’ FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). Reinforce the feeling that if they don’t immediately add that scented candle/hairdryer/shaving wax to their basket, their life is doomed.

Okay, perhaps not that dramatic. But you do need to push a little to get those loyal leads.

A couple of strategies to deploy include exit intent pop ups and timely marketing emails.

Exit intent pop ups trigger when a visitor is about to jump ship and leave your website. Sprinkle these types of pop ups across your landing and product pages. They should convey an appealing offer and make them think twice about bouncing away.

A similar approach is deploying cleverly timed marketing emails.

Say your prospect has added some items to their basket but they didn’t seal the deal by checking out. Also known as abandoned cart emails, they’re quick messages that follow up to try for the sale.

Fun Fact: in the final quarter of 2022, around 81% of UK mobile orders were not completed. 

If you’re in the ecommerce space and not following up sales with abandoned cart emails, you’re missing a huge trick.

Get the best content and see your site soar

Wrapping this up, we hope you’ve taken away the key message that content is key.

Rinse and repeat.

There’s so many elements to successful business websites, and it’s a never-ending hustle. If there’s one thing you must do, however, and that’s work to create valuable content for your visitors. They’ll thank you for it.

There’s not much we haven’t seen when it comes to content marketing. Some would even call us professionals.

Together, we can get you the insights you need to create a strong content writing and SEO strategy.

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