Why small businesses should use Wix when they first start out

Wix is a great website builder to use if you’re a new business.

With little to no budget, Wix can make the design process incredibly easy to manage. It’s a perfect option for people just starting out or those running services out of their own home.

Even better, you can still create a nice looking website that you can both market and accept payments through.

When I first started TJ Creative, I’ll be honest, Wix wasn’t very good. I told my clients to steer well clear.

Since then, they’ve upped their game and now it’s a site builder we wholeheartedly recommend.

Should a business use Wix?

Celebration Carts website by TJ Creative

Absolutely. It’s a hardy website builder that comes with a free level and premium levels that all businesses can benefit from.

You can simply create an account and get started with building a website without any need to hire a developer. Doing this means you can save thousands of pounds.

It’s an easy way to get your website online fast without needing any expertise in using coding languages.

Is Wix good for small businesses?

The answer is unequivocally yes!

Small businesses are the specific kind of company that will benefit the most from using Wix. As far as website builders go it has a wider range of features compared to other providers, many of which champion the small business cause.

The Wix editor itself allows you to choose from over 500 different templates. This means you have a much greater chance of showcasing a unique design for your website.

Within these templates, you can add images, text boxes, tabs and links and various colours and fonts to personalise your homepage even further.

You can even easily link your social media accounts to any page you create with easy to add buttons.

You can even benefit from built-in SEO tools when using Wix, which is the number one reason we recommend it.

Building a Wix website for small business

The Wix builder can create a personalised plan for you, depending on your business name and target keywords. You’ll also have easy access to your website tags, URLs, and be able to apply SEO updates across the site in just one click.

We just love how easy this system is to use. Even if clients can’t do the SEO themselves, it allows us to do a top job in optimising our client’s website.

And once you gain, some experience in developing your website, you can also use advanced features to take the design further.

Velo is their new open platform application which allows users to create powerful custom visuals, themes, and SEO targets.

Is it unprofessional to use Wix?

Absolutely not.

For small businesses just starting out online it’s an incredibly helpful one stop shop. It’s simply a background builder you can use to get your business online within just a few hours.

If you build the website to look professional, it’ll look professional. You can then move onto a custom build and design later on.

Plus it’s easier than ever to use Wix thanks to their support of custom domain names. Not only can you build your website with Wix but you can host it through them as well.

Viewers may not even know you’re using a Wix supported site to showcase your business and its products.

Making a small business website for free

It’s the burning question most small business owners need to answer. After all, you’re working with little to no budget and you want to make use of everything the internet has to offer.

But when really considering the question, ‘how to make a website for a small business for free?’, here’s the answer: it’s possible, but there are certain things you need to be aware of.

The free tier on Wix can be used indefinitely, and there’s no limit to stay on the free subscription level.

However you won’t have access to as many features:

  1. You won’t be able to connect a custom domain. This can hurt your SEO chances as you build your online presence.
  2. You also won’t have as much storage, the website is likely to run unrelated ads.
  3. And you won’t be able to accept payments through it.

What makes a successful website?

A successful website doesn’t just pop up out of nowhere. It has all the right elements that make it customer friendly and impressionable.

So once you’ve made an account and are about to build a website through Wix, there are a few things you’ll need to keep in mind:


Words are powerful

This is the first element you’ll need to focus on. The content you put out on your website, everything from your logo and images to every single written word, needs to be featured with purpose.

Your written content is especially important here. It needs to be interesting enough to capture and keep people’s attention.

To do this it needs to look good, be full of your brand’s personality, and it should always be easy to read.

Your website copy is essential to guiding people on your website to get the solution they need.


Why small businesses should use Wix when they first start out

The look and feel of your website should be straightforward. You can make a website look as colourful and intricate as possible but it’ll be worth nothing if there’s no purpose to it!

The way you structure your web pages should instantly draw the eye and be natural to read through.

User experience

Another thing to incorporate into your website design is the way someone will use the site itself. It needs to feel familiar and comfortable, which means it needs to load fast and be easy to navigate.

If a customer can’t find what they need then your website has failed.

Your website’s user experience relies on content and design together.


Marketing a website is all about your use of SEO.

What you write on your webpages goes a long way to helping your site rank on Google overall.

Making good use of keyword relevant meta tags and URL slugs will help search engines index your site correctly.

If this is all gobbledygook, then reach out to me, I’d love to help you get your business out there to the masses.

Wix is a great option for small business owners

When you’re just starting out with a business, getting it online as soon as possible is key.

You’re trying to capitalise on the way the market moves and that can be done with even the simplest interface. And that’s where Wix comes in; use it to put your brand online and start building a presence.

Once you’re up and running you can optimise your website using the successful elements we listed above.

Want to use Wix? We’re a Wix partner and would love to help

We’re officially a Wix partner and we’ve worked with many clients who use Wix.

We actually built the Celebration Carts website on Wix.

We’ve also seen huge growth with our client Lucky Beans Childcare through our SEO expertise. Their website was also built on Wix. They went from having two nurseries to now opening an extra 4 nurseries in London.

Drop me a message with any questions you have around building your website or marketing on Wix.

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