Marketing strategy - TJ Creative is more than content

Our marketing services go beyond content and copy writing.

The needs of our clients have made us expand our services. We’re the specialists in content marketing, that’ll never change, but we also have the professionals to go beyond this to offer you the full service your business needs.

Now, we’re a relatively new small business (est. 2017), I’m not afraid to admit that. But the unique benefit of that, you’ll receive a personal service.

Go to an agency or any other kind of marketing business and you will be a number.

Are we an agency?

We. Are. Not. An. Agency. Dun, dun, duuuuunnnnn.

We might seem like one, but I don’t want you to consider us an agency. I want you to consider us as a team, your team, if you want us to be.

You’ll have a single point of contact. Me. I will be the one to get stuff done.

Again, you’ll probably get this at an agency. But not on such a personal level. You’ll have an account/project manager who is your direct contact. They won’t be the one doing the work. Hell, they might not even see what they’re sending through to you.

This is where we differ. I will be your contact and your representative here at TJ Creative – to make sure everything is done right in the best interest of you and your business.

We have a handful of clients that we focus on and we have the capacity to deal with ad-hoc projects. With these ad-hoc projects comes challenges beyond writing.

We have the agency services, minus the impersonal experience.

So what does all this agency talk have to do with anything?

It’s our identity and why we’re expanding our capabilities.

Content marketing, website content writing, copywriting (SEO, digital, print), and social media – these are some of our signature services.

Now though, we’re her to consult and work with other professionals to support you and your business.


Logos, business cards, social media banners, and websites, we can support you with your design requirements.

We work with a number of designers. Graphic designers, website designers, brand designers, and UX designers.


We work with developers who can turn designs into something physical. Any website needs to be built, this comes down to the developer.

With design and development capabilities, we provide a comprehensive marketing strategy for your business, product or service.


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