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Whether you are just starting out with designing, developing or building a website, or you already have a website, what is the content like on your website? Are you happy with the quality of the content on your main website pages? Are you regularly posting on your blog? Are you writing content that is focussed on your SEO?

The importance of website content

You can achieve a great deal through content writing and copywriting. Websites, of course, need to look good in their design and operate smoothly to give any users a great user experience. But what is your content like. Did you write it yourself?

Why it’s important

The content on your website represents you as a business. We see it all too often with content that it’s just boring or saying a load of rubbish that people just end up skim reading. It’s not the way content should be. Content should be fun, energising and different. If your content is the same as everyone else’s, then ask yourself this – why should we care?

If you truly want your website to standout, then you need to create organic content that is bespoke and tailored to your business.

Enhance your site’s engagement

Your website’s engagement relies on a great deal, and content has a big effect!

Speak to them naturally

You ideally want your website content to talk to your site visitors. It’s like them coming into your business face to face. You want to set the best example, you might even offer to make them a cup of tea. You can still do that, but in the form of your website’s content.

Be honest and approachable

By being true to yourself, you can interact with your customer through the power of wording.

Structure your content and your website

Knowing what to write on each page of your website is sometimes the tricky part, but never write the same piece of content for each page. You need to create a quality journey for your site visitor through your content.

Touch on what your potential customers want to know

You need to avoid writing too much whilst writing enough. The idea of website content is to give your site visitor an insight into your business and why they should use your services or buy your products.

Create your foundation and then expand

Once you have formed website content for your main website pages, you can then branch the website out to offer more information – not only to give your site users more information, but to improve the quality of your website and your SEO.

Energise your website’s SEO

Search Engine Optimisation should be something that your business is focussing on. The digital world is enormous, so it should be playing a significant role in your marketing efforts.

SEO is a process that takes time, however, the investment will pay off when you begin to gain enough traction for your rankings on Google.

Strategic SEO writing = new customers!

Through regular activity on your website and good rankings on Google, you can easily attract new customers online. As long as your website’s design is good and offers the best user experience, and the content on your website effectively speaks to your users and gives them a great journey, then you will benefit from our SEO online writing services.

Our SEO copywriting services are available to anyone in the UK. Although we’re a writing company in Surrey, we can work with anyone in the UK and overseas.

Find out about SEO

If the phrase of SEO is new to you, then do get in touch with us and we’ll be more than happy to explain what SEO is, and work with you to effectively optimise your website.

We can work with any industry; we’re confident with that. We take a collaborative approach with all of our clients to ensure we achieve the combination between our experienced writing, SEO, and digital marketing with your industry specific knowledge.

Not a writer?

Hello, you’re on a content marketing agency’s website!

If you’re not a writer then don’t worry, here at TJ Creative we would be more than happy to help you. That’s what we do, work with our clients to produce meaningful and bespoke website copy.

We focus on more than just writing a few blog posts every other week. We focus on the entirety of your website.

Our focus

We’ll take a look at the content on your website, create content for the main pages on your website, produce regular blogs or articles, create effective landing pages and work on other aspects of the website.

This is all to improve your chances of appearing higher on search results for your targeted keywords that customers will be searching for to discover your business.

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