Lucky Beans Nursery

This is the type of search marketing result every marketer wants for their client!

We’ve just published some of our SEO marketing results for our existing client Lucky Beans Childcare. The results so far are simply fantastic. Website marketing has had an enormous impact on the business.

You can read the SEO results here, but for now, let’s take a look at what the results were, what the SEO results meant for Lucky Beans, and what you can learn about SEO for your business.

A snapshot of the SEO results

The below graphs show the whopping results from the SEO.

Graph 1 – Improvement of organic traffic and new users finding and landing on the website 

Lucky Beans Childcare SEO results

Graph 2 – A line graph showing traffic improvement from January 2020 (left) to June 2021 (right)

Lucky Beans traffic - January 2020 - June 2021

What these SEO results translated into for the business

  • Increased revenue
  • Huge ROI
  • Multiple nurseries opening in London
  • Business scale up

Lucky Beans have expanded their network of London childcare nurseries because of the profit SEO marketing delivered.

Lucky Beans Nursery

Lucky Beans have been able to scale as a business, and we’re extremely proud of this achievement.

We have more to achieve yet, but so far the results are incredible.

Key takeaways for your business

  • SEO works
  • SEO takes time
  • SEO can positively impact your business

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