SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) Copywriting is a writing process focussed on creating website content that is optimised for search engines.

The best copy online is concise, well-written and engaging, and it should be no different when it comes to SEO Copywriting.

The best practice of SEO

SEO requires a great deal of work – keywords and content being two pivotal aspects.

In terms of content, it’s vital that you are regularly publishing content on your website. The more content the better. The best way to add content (from the view of SEO) is through SEO landing pages.

What are SEO landing pages?

SEO landing pages are a page on a website which aren’t normally navigable from a main site page. They’re designed to focus on a specific keyword/search phrase you’re targeting and will appear in search results when a person searches for that keyword.

It’s essentially another entry point to your website from the search engine. The more landing pages you have (targeting different keywords) the better. You’ll increase your outreach through landing pages.

There’s more to landing pages though. There are other technical aspects which are pivotal to ensuring Google and the other major search engines recognise your site, crawl it and rank it highly – that’s where we come in here at TJ Creative.

There’s a huge misconception with SEO copywriting

We see SEO as a necessity to every business out there with a website. But there is a huge danger of doing SEO wrong. When it is done wrong, it can be costly both in funds and your online stature.

Content is king, quality is queen and meta is prince

It doesn’t really flow, but the above is true. There are a lot of SEO agencies out there doing SEO wrong, that’s right, HORRIBLY WRONG!

Because SEO agencies out there are so big and have hundreds of clients to deal with, they aim to get content onto clients’ websites quickly by writing piddly 200 word articles. That’s bad enough, but some of them upload these trivial 200 word articles to a website on a single ‘News’ page. It’s my worst nightmare!

This is not a solution or a good SEO practice at all. It’s not effective and is completely pointless!

If you’re working with an SEO agency that is doing this, we say run. Come and work with us and we’ll set you, your website and your SEO progress right!

What should SEO content be like?

SEO content must be of the highest quality. It must be of a suitable length and you must also consider the other technical aspects of a piece of content – including website links and the meta of each page.

Want to find out more?

SEO takes time, but we enjoy the process. If you would like to optimise your website, then get in touch. Our SEO approach utilises the best practice of organic SEO growth, which will see you and your business grow.

If you want to increase your client numbers, search engine optimisation is the way forward through copywriting!

Get in touch, we’d love to hear from you and join you in your mission to grow your business!

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