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I’ve recently started working with a new client who approached me with a fantastic opportunity – to produce short-form copy for their social media profiles.

Fantastic, and finally, a nice opportunity to flex my storytelling muscles to create engaging and relatable social copy to entertain and educate.

This particular company helps other businesses to scale in as little as 90 days, which means that the copy needs to represent belief, passion, energy and thought-leadership. On top of this, because the content is for social media, it needs to be short and snappy.

There’s no need to limit your copy, even if it is ‘short’ form.

By short-form copy we mean concise content under 100 words. But even with short-form copy you can create a great narrative; whether you’re writing B2B or B2C.

Short copy must influence, inspire, create leads and compel action. And with fewer words to achieve your aim, it’s essential that you carefully plan and construct all social copy.

Social media – it’s significant and MUST be part of your marketing strategy.

It’s no secret that social media is an essential part in a brand’s marketing strategy. Even though its importance is no secret, there are still many businesses struggling to effectively run their social profiles. And that’s nothing to be ashamed of – it’s tough to manage your social media effectively!

There are many factors to consider in managing your social media, but let’s just take a moment to focus on what counts – the copy for your social.

Social media copy is a key segment of content marketing.

If you’re not aware, content marketing is a form of marketing which involves the creation, publication and distribution of content that’s tailored to your target audience.

Wherever your audience is, that’s where you need to produce and publish content for it to be seen.

Your copy needs to be appealing to your audience and meet the requirements of the platform.

So, social media is typically short form copy, but you also have the ability to up your content with images and videos too. But even better, you can achieve a lot through short-form copy. Short copy is just as powerful as long-form content, if not more powerful when written professionally.

Storytelling is a key part to any marketing strategy, and I think businesses in particular could benefit from embracing storytelling in their social media strategy.

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