Wireframes for web design

There are thousands of web design and development companies across the world providing their clients with the creative solutions to improve their existence online.

If you’re the proud owner of a successful design or development company that has worked on hundreds, maybe even thousands, of projects, then you can guarantee that you will continue to expand as time moves on.

With the growth in popularity for the online world, your resources could be becoming stretched – the internet is growing and it will continue to do so, and you need to be ready to expand with it.

The online world is growing

1,934,000,000 websites and counting, according to Internet Live Stats.

By the time I had finished writing my previous sentence and read back over it, the number had grown by 1000.

Ponder this, how many of those additional websites are new businesses entering the digital sphere and require your specialist help?

How you could benefit from working with a Digital Content Writer

I am open to working with any type of client and producing any form of copy you require.

Our online writing services are extremely useful for eCommerce sites, business site, apps, one-page websites, anything. Everything we create online more or less requires content of some sort.

Our content marketing services are tailored to each project and do not require any contract to complete – they’re very much a service to use as and when content writing or copywriting is required.

Depending on the size of your web development company, you may have your own writing team in-house. With an additional writer who is flexible with their work, you can balance the work in-house and create stronger content for your clients.

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How Designers can benefit from working with a Content Creator

You will have a writer by your side to support you in ensuring that the user experience you create is the best it can be.

Content and design must work together to provide the best experience for all customers.

How Developers can benefit from working with a copywriter

Exactly the same as designers. Developers can run into all sorts of issues in the development process. I’m sure you would rather spend time on developing and solving issues than focusing on the content on the website or software you’re developing!

Web, software or app content/copy cannot be ignored

Whether you are creating a website, a new platform, an intranet, or an app, copy is required.

The users (customers or employees) will always require content as guidance. This is the main purpose of it, so it’s essential that you work with a content or copy writer to ensure the messaging supports your users.

Designers and developers are extremely imaginative and technically proficient when it comes to creating a product to suit their client.

But if writing isn’t your strong point, then don’t run the risk of alienating your product and users. You need to connect them through copy.

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Is writing your strong point?

For a web developer, they can hold many specific attributes for their line of work – coding, HTML, strategy, an eye for detail, CMS knowledge – writing though isn’t typically a strength of a web developer, although I’m sure there are many who are extremely talented at writing too!

Even if you are a web developer and writing isn’t your strong point, then it isn’t an issue. You may just require the expert support of a writer to produce wording for your product you have skilfully crafted.

Do you need a Content Writer or Copywriter?

There is a fine line between content writing and copywriting, but the main difference being that content writing is manufacturing language for website pages. Copywriting is predominantly writing copy in a shorter form in the style of blogs, articles, adverts, product descriptions, email marketing campaigns and more.

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