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So, you want to explore the cost of working with a professional content writer or copywriter for your business?

That’s a sensible decision, bearing in mind the biggest and most successful brands in the world use copywriters to bring their brand to life.

Admittedly, copywriting can be very expensive, mostly due to the difficulty of executing the perfect message first time. However, the long term ROI from a well worded piece of marketing can make all the difference.

The cost of content depends on the amount of time and effort to produce the result. The cost is also affected by the amount of experience a copywriter has.

What even is copywriting?

Copywriting is a specialist style of writing intended to influence your users / customers / consumers into buying your product or service, or supporting your cause, or whatever your end goal is.

What does a copywriter do?

A copywriter will improve your business’ communications with new and existing customers. All the content produced is tailored to your business, and more importantly, shaped for your target audience.

There’s no shame in working with a copywriter to write on your behalf – the biggest brands in the world do so. BSM hired us to work with them.

“A really difficult task however Tom did a great job. I would really recommend Tom for any content writing and we’ll definitely look to use him again for further pages.”

Jon, BSM


What is the average rate for hiring a copywriter?

A typical day rate for an experienced copywriter is around £350 – £500. 

A typical hourly rate for a copywriter is around £35 – £50 mark.

Each copywriter will price differently. At TJ we like to provide a flat rate for your project – each quote is bespoke.

The key is in the brief, it’s how we quote – we calculate the time, effort, and difficulty of getting the content written done. Whenever we work with someone we always ask questions about what it is you wish to achieve, or ping over a Google Doc brief for you to fill in and send back.

For a large quantity of work (ongoing or a whole month of work), we usually apply a discount on the hourly rate – we decide this project by project. If we become your copywriter and we need to provide regular content, say x10 landing pages and blogs a month, we would more likely offer an hourly rate of £30 – £40.

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What is the typical freelance writing rate?

The rate of a professional, high quality freelance writer is the same as hiring a copywriter.

Typical day rate: £350 – £500

Typical hourly rate: £40 – £50

If it’s an ongoing agreement or a large bulk of work (x10 pieces of content or more), then there will usually be a discount.

Do you charge per word?

We don’t. We ask for a rough word count, but we’ll write as much as their needs to be to convey the right message.

Writing to hit a word count is not our style.

Some copywriters however do charge by the word. A quality writer will be in the region of £0.50 per word. From our experience, those who charge by words are inexperienced writers who try to meet a word count. Such writers are found on websites like Fiverr.

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How does a copywriter work out how much to charge?

It’s all in the brief.

This is what will be taken into account for the copywriting quote:

  • Whether the brief is clear – if it isn’t then we need to discuss and potentially reshape it.
  • The complexity of the job.
  • The duration of the project.
  • How urgent the work is.
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How much would it cost to have content written for every page on my website?

There are several factors that will need to be taken into account to price up your website content. Content writers will price it differently; usually by days or by page.

A content writer may calculate how many days it will take to plan, produce, and edit the content – you can expect the day rate to be anything from £350 – £500. This pricing model is normally for larger writing projects, which may include establishing your brand messaging and tone of voice.

Other content writers, typically for a smaller project, will price up per page – you can expect this to be around £80 – £150 per page.

Factors affecting the cost of your website content:

  • Research
  • Interviews – with you or your staff
  • Number of pages to write
  • Difficulty of the topic
  • Tight deadlines
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How much would an SEO landing page cost?

A single SEO landing page can take anything from 2-6 hours to write and upload to your website.

The time it takes will largely depend on the length required to compete from an Search Engine Optimisation perspective, as identified by the SEO research. I would estimate a 500 word piece of content to take around 2 hours at £40-£50 per hour, or priced per page the cost will start from £80.

It may be more cost effective to agree a search marketing/ongoing SEO package that includes SEO landing page writing. You may pay anything from £500 – £1000+ per month for SEO, but this will include the SEO landing page copywriting. You’ll have ongoing support, along with keyword tracking, keyword research, content optimisation, meta optimisation and more.

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How much does a blog writer cost?

For a fully researched, professionally written, and fully search optimised blog post you can expect to pay anything from £100+.

Blogging is a key part to any content marketing strategy. Here’s why hiring a blog writer is so important for your business!

How much should a product page cost to write?

Whether you need an Ecommerce category or product page written up, they can be very cost effective.

As long as the writer has all the information required prior to writing, it can cost as little as £50, depending how long the content should be. On average though, for a category or product page you should expect to pay anything from £80+.

Product and category pages vary in length and research, so it may be that the copy only required thirty minutes of a writer’s time, which would be £25. Compare that to a long product with a lot of detail, which requires research and discussions with the manufacturer, say this required three hours, equalling £150.

How much would it cost to write the copy for my paid ad?

For PPC ad copywriting, a freelance copywriter with PPC marketing expertise will charge around £50 per ad. You should expect to have 3-4 ads written for each ad group, and that usually works out to be about 10 ads per campaign.

Please note, the cost to run the ads will be additional and paid directly to Google, not the writer or marketer managing your PPC campaign.

What’s the cost to write a Google My Business post?

If local customers are vital for your business, then investing in a freelance copywriter with knowledge of local SEO to write and optimise your Google My Business posts is essential. A freelance copywriter will charge around £10-£50 per post, depending on the length of your posts.

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