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You may think that content writing is easy and that any one can do it.

Technically, yes, anyone can write words. The difference however when working with a professional content writer or copywriter is that they will create quality content that resonates with the reader. And that content may even force that consumer into taking an action.

That’s the difference between a novice ‘writing words’ and a professional copywriter creating compelling content. You may know your business better than anyone, but you may not know how best to communicate with your audience.

That’s your first benefit right there to outsourcing your content marketing. But we will come onto the benefits of outsourcing your content later.

How to outsource your content marketing

Outsourcing is worldwide, and it’s something that’s all around us. A delivery from your favourite online store isn’t hand packaged and delivered by a sales assistant, it’s outsourced to courier specialists to get it to your home. In essence, outsourcing devolves crucial elements of a business to specialised experts.

Written communications can be time consuming and quickly involve an entire department with differing opinions, viewpoints, and complications. Outsourcing content removes everything bar direct communication with an experienced writer.

Content marketing has become a necessary element of any successful business plan. Specialist content writers and copywriters produce marketing material that is engaging, concise, and perfectly suited to your brand.

To outsource your content marketing, you first need to know what you need, what you’re missing out on, and what would benefit from content marketing.

Finding the right content professional

The ideal content marketing expert or copywriter for your business will not only have strong written skills, but can actually breathe new life into your content, respecting your brand’s values.

The first place to begin is asking what your company needs.

  • Is your main website content lacking personality?
  • Are you looking for someone to revolutionise your website with quality blogs?
  • Do you need a content specialist to revitalise your social media campaigns?
  • Are your email campaigns being ignored?
  • Do you require someone to understand your industry inside out to write insightful insights?

By understanding what it is you’re looking for the better chance you have of finding the right writer. There are companies with copywriters ready to assign, as well as boutique and personable setups. In short, you want someone you can rely on for effective and timely content.

This decision comes down to a couple of key elements, and how important they are to you. These include:

  • Cost: Content can be sourced inexpensively from the dozens of outsourced content websites, but do be wary of these; low cost in almost all cases means low quality.* You could go down the route of working with a marketing or copywriting agency too – they will assign a copywriter to you, maybe even a couple of writers to you.
  • Personability: The scale runs from email correspondence through to phone, video and face-to-face meetings. Choose the one that suits your needs.
  • Size of job: An entire calendar year’s worth of content cannot feasibly be given to different people throughout the year, you will want consistency. A one-off piece of work however gives you more flexibility.

What type of writer can you outsource to?

Independent and freelance writers

Independent freelance writers are self-employed contractors. They either operate under their own name or under their brand/business name. Essentially, they’re not a full time employee.

You can find an independent, self-employed, freelance content writer on Google. They will most likely have a website for you to have a nose through. They will have a portfolio along with testimonials and reviews, so do be sure to check them out before you outsource your content to them.

The cost to outsource content to an independent writer will be around £40 – £50 per hour, and a day rate of £350 – £500.

Freelancers on gig-based platforms, like Fiverr

Writers on these types of platform are usually junior writers just starting out, or completely inexperienced and untrained writers. Finding a decent writer here will be very difficult in all honesty.

That’s why their rate is usually very cheap. You may be able to get content for $5, but the quality will be extremely low.


There are many types of agencies out there, many of which provide content and copywriting services as an extension of their speciality. PR agencies, design agencies, branding agencies, digital marketing agencies or SEO agencies, there’s a variety who may offer content as a service, but it won’t be their speciality.

These agencies usually have in-house copywriters to take on content projects. There are even some agencies who outsource the content themselves to independent writers, or even those cheap writers on gig-based website we said about above.

So if you outsource content to an agency, you’ll likely be outsourcing your content to an agency that outsources your content… that’s a real content outsourcing chain right there!

In terms of the cost to outsource your content to an agency, it widely varies. Agencies are typically the most expensive option when it comes to outsourcing your content, due to the fact they have a full time writer in-house, or they outsource your content to an external writer. They need to see a profit, so the costs with an agency writer will range between £60 – £150 per hour. Day rate of £500+.

Note: Although we’re an ‘agency’ ourselves, we’re set up more as the independent/freelance writer category. Also, we’re not like other agencies, we’re a specialist Content Marketing Agency. 

Whoever you choose, this is our top tip

Steer clear of cheap writers. Paying cheap for content will in most cases give you a return of poor content that doesn’t read well or convert into sales. Worst of all, it’s negatively impacts the perception of your brand.

Content writing and copywriting is a specialist skill. It should never be cheap in all honesty. For a decent writer, expect to pay around £40-£50 per hour. Check out our copywriting cost guide here for more on realistic cost estimates for quality freelance writers.

Our top 5 benefits to outsourcing your content writing

1. Good content takes time

Content marketing can quickly take up a lot of your time. A thorough content marketing strategy cannot be delivered over night, and in most cases, it cannot be achieved in just a month. It’s a long term commitment whereby regular, high quality copy is required.

A copywriter will be perfectly placed to adjust to these changes, providing succinct copy that can be used across your branding for the right platform and at the right time. This is especially important for businesses looking to cover blogs, website pages, landing pages, advertising copywriting, social media copy, company updates, internal communications, PR, and everything in between.

The best content marketers will also explore ways to distribute your content. They won’t publish a blog and leave it at that, they will look to optimise it for SEO and create other content opportunities for additional blogs, videos or social posts.

2. Consistency is key

By devolving these responsibilities to one person or a small team, you’re halfway to outstanding and attractive content marketing. You can now create a consistent and reliable theme of branding throughout your content.

Communication between your content writer will allow you to: 

  • Understand the key words and themes to introduce into your campaign
  • Create a full content marketing plan for the month, quarter, or year
  • Get to know the strengths of your content writer, and how best to take advantage of their expertise
  • Set deadlines and ensure consistent uploads can be achieved

3. Leave it to the experts

It can be easy to palm off content tasks to the ‘wordiest’ people in the office. Sure, it can help to paper over the cracks content-wise, but it is by no means the best use of everyone’s time. A novice will take longer, need more support, and be more likely to make mistakes. An expert copywriter, however, can continually deliver engaging and high-quality content every time.

Working closely with a content marketing specialist helps to tick every box.

Search engine optimisation, check.

Distribution plans for existing and new content, check.

Discovering other content opportunities, check.

4. Spend a little, get a lot

Content marketing is growing fast. More and more businesses around the world are turning to content marketing as their main approach to growing their customer base.

One of the main reasons that businesses are turning to content is that, on the whole, it’s inexpensive to hire a copywriter to start producing content for your business. Even better, there’s generally a greater return on investment when hiring a writer to consistently write for your brand – whether they’re in-house or freelance.

One of the main reasons that content is a worthy investment is because a lot of the digital content you publish will be what we call ‘evergreen’. This means that the content you produce now will be live and read for years to come. And the more it’s seen and read, the more people it will convert into a paying customer for your business. That then leads to that initial investment into hiring a writer to produce that piece of content will pay itself off. Content is a great money maker when it’s done right. If your content is selling effectively, you can pay off the money you paid to a writer very quickly.

Another element to weigh up with your content is how many sales will your content need to generate to pay for itself? This will vary from business to business, but make sure to consider this when looking at your copywriter’s rates.

The initial investment into your copywriting will be worthwhile, especially if that content becomes your lead sales person!

5. Introduce your new marketing plan

A full advertising campaign can be easily broken down. A new and extensive content marketing plan can be produced, keeping you on track to meet your goals. Advertising, social media, and website content are perfect when combined, allowing for new ideas to punctuate your regular content.

When you work with a content marketer, this plan will allow you to explain the vision of your content, and execute it with aplomb.

Content is a huge strand of any advertising campaign, and an outsourced content specialist is best placed to support this.

Outsource your content and reap the benefits

Much like asking for advice in a labyrinth, outsourcing content writing is an easy decision.

As the content marketing world continues to evolve, it’s important your online and physical branding is expertly written. By outsourcing to an experienced content marketing specialist, your next blog, advertising campaign, or entire marketing calendar for the year will be developed skilfully without fail.

Discover the support that we here at TJ Creative can offer. Content excites us, which is why we provide high-quality outsourced content management for a range of brands; from startups like TipSpend to national brands like British School of Motoring.

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