Christmas Marketing

I’m sure you’ve sat down to discuss what your business is set to offer its customers for Christmas. But have you focussed on exactly how you’re going to communicate those deals to your customers?

We’re not afraid to admit that marketing yourselves at Christmas, or at any time of the year, can be extremely tedious and can even make you feel a bit queasy at times.

Selling yourself is always difficult, but there’s no need to focus on selling yourself.

Through content marketing, you can write up a meaningful Christmas campaign rather than a sales pitch to promote yourselves. That’s the secret to any effective marketing strategy – to avoid hard sales copy and focus on the significance of your messaging behind your strategy and how it will resonate with your customers.

You may point out that the end game of all marketing is to sell yourself, your products and your services, but this is best achieved through engaging marketing to increase brand awareness and communicate with your customers.

Why content marketing?

Content marketing concentrates on the messaging, content and copy across all platforms where your brand features. It’s essential that you stay on brand and communicate your values consistently whilst meeting the requirements of each platform.

For instance, your blog can have long form copy (long, detailed blogs), whilst social will have short copy (shorter, punchier copy).

Offering amazing festive deals is one thing, but communicating those deals is what will make the difference for your Christmas marketing. You need to show the value of your product or service.

The questions to consider when formulating a content strategy:

  • Where exactly will you be promoting your deals?
  • What’s the key message behind your coy or messaging? And is there a uniform slogan or expression to communicate in all advertisement?
  • Is social media going to be a key platform for you to reach your existing and potential customers? If so, will it be on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn or all of them?
  • Will you benefit from featuring in a magazine?
  • Could you guest blog?
  • Could you hold a competition?
  • Have you thought about catching your customers’ attention when they land on your website?
  • How will you entice customers and funnel them into making a decision?

Wherever you’re planning to market and however you’re planning to do so, you need a content strategy!

The benefits of a content marketing strategy at Christmas

When you’re putting together a marketing strategy, content must be the core focus, whether it’s Christmas or not. Without the consideration of content, you will have an unaligned strategy.

By carefully considering all messaging associated around your brand, products and services, you can ensure you cover every corner of your advertisement (online and offline) and create a detailed schedule.

If you’re really organised, you could even schedule your content before it goes out. That way, you needn’t lift a finger to publish blogs, landing pages and social media pages.

Selling is not your objective. Building a connection is.

Your messaging should focus on building a relationship with your customer. Every business is looking to sell something, and many strategies rely on selling. But standing out is pivotal, so avoid the sales pitch.

You will be able to build a relationship with your customer through meaningful, and most importantly, beneficial information.

All communication from your business should be something that will benefit your customer. Calling your business, service or product ‘the best’ and encouraging customers to get in touch is overdone.

You need to show them that they should buy your product or use your service. Cut out the sales pitch, it’s boring!

Once you understand the need to help and connect with customers rather than talk at them to sell, you will be able to put together a good marketing strategy.

2 Key Ingredients to Creating a Successful Christmas Marketing Strategy

1 – Ensuring your customer experience is faultless.

2 – Keep everything simple.

Keep these two aspects in mind and you’ll create a worthwhile marketing campaign to connect with your customers.

Point one focusses on customer service. You want your customer to have the best experience with your brand. Whether it’s online through your website or a billboard in the street, they need to have a positive connection with your business.

The second point focusses on making your communications and deals simple. It partners up with point one in the fact that you need to ensure everything is simple for your customers.

A bonus third tip…

Don’t get too carried away. Keep your brand image in mind and don’t inject reds and greens into everything. You don’t want to come across as tacky!

Most importantly, make sure you have fun with your marketing at Christmas!

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