TipSpend - new contactless tipping app

Summary & objective

TipSpend is a new contactless tipping app that is launching in the UK this year. Their objective is to transform the tipping landscape. Times have changed due to Covid-19 and TipSpend has set out to create a new cashless tipping app that allows for easy and transparent tipping.

Generous consumers tip outstanding experiences, dedicated staff are recognised for their hard work, and businesses notice a boost in customer and employee satisfaction – this is what drives TipSpend.

TipSpend is a startup that’s looking to gain investment to grow their app. To do so, they needed to create:

  • A seamless platform
  • A content strategy
  • A tone of voice/personality for their brand messaging
  • A new website
  • Engaging social media ads


What we did

Customer personas and brand messaging guidelines

We kicked off by creating customer personas for TipSpend. This allowed us to identify who we should communicate with, and what the benefits are to them of embracing TipSpend. From this we then established  the brand’s new messaging guidelines, and begun planning the website structure and social media marketing.

With the customer personas and brand messaging approved, we moved onto supporting the design and development teams who were working on designing and building the new platform for mobile and desktop.

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Copywriting for the app

We collaborated with the app designers and developers to consult on the messaging to support with the user flow of the app. Although the User Experience (UX) designers were working on the visuals, it was up to us as the UX writers to ensure users could navigate around on the app effortless and understand all the copy.

Website content

The TipSpend website is currently under construction, however, the content has been written to appeal to the various target audiences: tippers, tippees and businesses.

In fact, we’ve produced content for the initial launch of TipSpend, as well as the second phase when TipSpend scale.

Social media marketing

As part of the build up to the app launching, we recommended for TipSpend to begin promoting their new platform. We opted for visual storytelling, promoting the ‘customer service heroes’ who can accept tips and be tipped!

Advertising on social - Social media copywriting for Facebook

A Facebook advert we created


TipSpend has a strong visual identity and a clear brand personality. We’ve created a tone of voice for the business which is engaging with its audience and a tone of voice that you can have a lot of fun with!

For TipSpend we created a huge amount of content:

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