Website content for construction business, Dynamik Construction

Constructing high quality content for a team of construction experts

The new London based building company, Dynamik Construction, approached us for our website content and copywriting services after finding us on Google.

The brief

The brief was simple – they wanted website content for their brand new website to get across their unique offering and values in a way that suited their personality.

They’re a full service construction company that takes care of every step in a build project. The team has years of experience working with some of the biggest developers on the market, and they’re a friendly, down to earth bunch.

They’ve seen just about every kind of build project; from renovations through to large new build developments.  That means they’ve seen where projects and the customer experience could be improved.

So already in their brief, they had the right approach to their content; conversational, written as you’d speak, and focused on their customers.

We welcomed them on board and got to work!

The process

Step 1 – the most important step: Content brief – we chatted to the Dynamik team in depth about their business, brand, processes, customers, and what makes them unique.

Knowing all of these details helps to put us in the best position to create content that suits their business, but most importantly, talks to their customers.

Step 2: Writing the 1st draft – Our copywriters got to work on the first draft. Various versions were written, lots of content was chopped, removed, reworded and debated.

Once we were happy with the first draft, we shared it with the Dynamik team for their feedback and comments.

Step 3: 1st draft feedback and comments – After feedback from the team, we actioned their comments and went through the copy ourselves again for further edits and final proofing.

Step 4: Final draft – With the next round of editing complete, we completed a final proofread and shared with the team once again.

This is a good point to put the content into a design and see how the content all sits on the new website. This is vital to make sure the website’s user experience is the best it can be.

By doing this, we could make further changes to the structure and hierarchy of the content to make it easy to read and the website appealing to use.

Step 5: Once the content sits nicely on the website, that’s our part done!

The result

Dynamik Construction have a website that looks the real deal and matches the quality of their real life builds.

It’s a nice design, with content that’s easy to read (and skim read) on mobile and desktop.

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