Summary & objective

The founder of the business wanted to rebrand their communication app for law firms. Their previous communication platform was out of date and she wanted to expand its capabilities. There was no better reason to explore a new brand and its messaging.

TJ Founder Tom Blake led the content strategy for the rebrand of the business. This included the marketing copy as well as the terminology of the new platform being built.

What we did

Through workshops with the client, we created customer personas. From this we then established the brand’s new messaging guidelines for the new brand.

Once we had new brand guidelines we supported the design and development teams who were working on designing and building the new platform for mobile and desktop.

App copywriting

The designers and developers creating the new platform worked closely with us. Although the User Experience (UX) designers were working on the visuals, it was up to us as the UX writers to ensure the messaging was as clear as possible to help users navigate around on the app.

The importance of clear messaging on the platform was pivotal, especially for a communication platform for solicitors that was looking to ‘transform client experience through communication’.

Website content

Using our new brand messaging guidelines, we created the new website content, along with a launch blog for launch day.


The six month project came to an end with the new brand unveiled, the new platform launched, and a lot of awesome content.

We created a huge amount of content for the new brand, including:

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