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“Only been online since July last year and his SEO skills and creative writing has got me onto page 1 of Google!”


Martin Slater Photography is a new photography business run by Martin Slater in Wakefield, Yorkshire. He specialises in natural wedding photography and offers family, pet and portrait photography.


Martin Slater launched his website, but soon realised that to get it noticed online he needed to market it. He came to me to discuss SEO for photographers.

With some research, he read about SEO, social media marketing and paid ads. This made him decide that he wanted to explore these further with an expert.

Martin spoke with a few friends of his about digital marketing, one of which was an SEO client of ours. Our client then referred Martin onto us.

We spoke with Martin about his business objectives and recommended SEO and social media consultancy to help him market his business online.


Martin’s website was new, which meant it had zero domain authority and trust with Google.

On top of this, Martin himself didn’t have the time to finesse his web content or manage his social media profiles. It was up to us to work on his website content and ensure that it guided users through the website to contact Martin. We also needed to ensure all his main site pages were optimised.

SEO Steps

We began the process by simply speaking with Martin about his business to understand his offering and what he wants to achieve. This allowed us to understand the business and determine its USP.

From here we were able to conduct our keyword research prior to the optimisation work beginning. Once we had a list of keywords with a good search volume and relevance to his services, we sent them over to Martin to approve.

With a list of keywords, it was time to strategise exactly how to optimise the main site pages and for what keywords. We reviewed all the content; structure, edited and optimised it to give users the best experience and the content the best chance to rank.

Once we optimised the content we moved onto the technical side of optimisation, reviewing the site’s visible structure, the alt-text and all meta.

Once the site’s main pages were optimised, we began to strategise our ongoing SEO landing page creation and optimisation.


Martin Slater Photography is ranking for many local keywords. Google is responding extremely well to our SEO work and we will continue to increase Martin’s keywords over the coming months through SEO landing pages and continuous site optimisation.

Our social media consultancy means we are here to support Martin with organic posting and paid/boosted social media posts.

What Martin had to say about working with us:

What can I say. Brilliant service! Only been online since July last year and his SEO skills and creative writing he has got me onto page 1 of Google, in such a short amount of time! I had been struggling with content and marketing for my wedding photography website but Tom understood what I wanted to achieve and he's smashed it for me! The ongoing work is just getting better and better! Brilliant to work with and he really knows his stuff. If you need help with your website content, marketing or SEO, then just give him a call. 5 STAR SERVICE!!

Martin Slater
Martin Slater Photography

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