SEO for drain cleaning and wet waste management trade business, ECS

Here’s how we achieved a 35% growth in traffic to the ECS website in 90 days

Drain & septic tank cleaners and wet waste management company, ECS, approached us after finding us on Google.

The brief

Team ECS approached us to explore how ECS could get more visitors to their website.

After investing into their website, they wanted to get more out of their investment by increasing the amount of people heading to their website from search engines, like Google and Bing.

We identified tons of opportunities for them, and welcomed them on board!

Growing ECS’ website traffic and online enquiries

The process

1. We kicked off by reviewing their current website experience & content

We identified a number of issues with the website and some difficulties for users landing on the website.

Once the issues were sorted, we looked to add high quality and helpful content for ECS’ customers. By doing this, we could also weave in SEO keywords we wanted the website to rank for.

2. We checked out their current SEO data – what the website was already ranking for

After reviewing their existing data we could see which pages already rank and for what keywords.

Admittedly, they ranked low, but it showed we could improve that rank faster if they already show up for the searches. We pulled all of this data and added it to our workflow to achieve some ‘quick wins’ to rank fast.

3. Research new keywords and content opportunities 

On top of using the existing data, we did research into what ECS’ customers are searching online. We then created a hit list of keywords to rank for and pages to create on the website.

The result so far

The ECS website has seen a 35% increase in organic traffic – all achieved by optimising what they already had on their website, and creating new pages to rank for even more keywords.

And this year already we’ve seen a further 13% increase in traffic to the ECS website.

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