Sophie Consulting website design and build

Project scope:

To establish the digital identity of an HR startup

“Tom and Chris were super patient and receptive all the time – I am really happy I found TJ Creative.”


Sophie wanted to launch her very own HR consultancy business in Surrey. After all, she was already supporting many SMEs across Surrey and London.

Sophie originally approached us to write the website content for her new website, and after seeing the quality of the content, Sophie asked about our logo and website design expertise.

Logo design

Sophie Consulting Logo Design

For us to really get into the design of Sophie Consulting‘s new brand, we needed to establish the brand’s personality.

We spoke in detail with Sophie to ensure we could create a logo that was the right style and would appeal to Sophie Consulting’s target consumer.

Breakdown of logo design

The colour scheme of the logo – professional, light and approachable.

The handwritten ‘Sophie’ font – this gives a personal feel and meets one of the USPs of Sophie Consulting. It looks as if Sophie has signed the logo, which supports the idea of Sophie providing personal and bespoke HR consultancy.



Before designing any website, we always create the content. Once we have the wording down we then design the content to structure how exactly it’s going to hook the consumer’s attention.

To keep in line with the personal feel of the brand, we wrote the copy in the first person – as if it was the founder speaking.

Content design (the layout of the content and pages) was a big part prior to visual designs – helping us to achieve great readability and user experience.


Once the content was signed off, lead content designer Tom teamed up with our visual designer Chris to wireframe the new site.

After we were satisfied with the structure of the website and its pages, Chris got to work. His job was made easier as we were responsible for creating the logo and brand colours.


With the new design signed off by Sophie, Chris could then move onto developing the website onto WordPress.

Check out the website!

Really happy I found TJ Creative

Thank you so much for all your hard work, I couldn’t be happier with the quality of the work! Tom and Chris were super patient and receptive all the time - I am really happy I found TJ Creative and I would highly recommend them to anyone!

Founder, Sophie Consulting

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