Make blogging work for you


Write blogs to get customers coming to your website, buying your products and enquiring about your services

Make blogging work for you

A blog is invaluable to your business. Blog content is a conversational take on what you and your business do best, in a way that’s valuable to your customers.

Your offering is the solution they’re searching for online – your blogs will help them to, firstly, discover you on their search, and then to learn about their problem and overcome it with your help.

Basically, they land on your website, read your content and convert into a paying customer of yours.

Take your website content to the next level by blogging

Blog writing is ideal for developing and promoting your business, but most importantly, to create content that your customers are interested in. And in doing so you can entice, entertain and even guide them into buying from your business.

Our blog writers will write in a way that your brand sounds and create a unique voice that your existing or potential customers will relate to and recognise anywhere after just one blog.

Why write blogs?

Blog writing is a proven tactic to grow sales

Result of blogging for website marketing SEO

Blog writing is valuable and essential to bringing in more traffic to your website – it’s why we always advise blogging for all of our SEO projects.

Carefully planned and researched topics with unique content drives visitors; while targeted keywords will help to boost your rankings on search engines.

Daily, weekly and monthly blogs are a great asset to have, and always have a big impact on any business’s SEO. Blogs are the key ingredient to SEO copywriting.

Every successful search marketing campaign has quality content behind it. The more content the better!

Here’s much more about why you should start blogging for your business.

Make blogging work for you

Become a thought-leader in your industry

Customers are searching the web for answers to their questions – we want you to be the result that appears on the search engine as the solution.

Together, we can produce compelling content tailored to your business. With our copywriting experience and SEO knowledge, combined with your industry expertise.

We research the topic and write to your business’ tone of voice. Our blog copywriter will become an extension of your business. They feel part of the team and are aiming for the same goals as you.

Whether we begin a new blog or revamp your existing blog, the process will be made simple and easy by our blog writers.

Quality content

Grammatical mistakes are avoidable and not welcome. You could be losing plenty of visitors through poor communication, and never know about it.

From listicles and in-depth product analysis through to opinion pieces, our blog writing service takes many forms.

What do we know?

Content Marketing Specialists of the Year TJ Creative

We’re an award-winning content team that has supported many businesses across the UK with their content and SEO needs!

How blog writing services work

If you decide to choose us for your blog content needs, you’ll have the full attention and experience of our blog writing service. 

There are just 3 steps to get started working with our blog writers:

  1. We find out your needs – tell us your needs and we’ll work with you to pick the right content topics to score goals for you
  2. Get writing – we’ll take the lead on your blog content strategy, creating content that’s great for your business by being useful to your readers. 
  3. Fire out content regularlywe don’t just write a couple of posts and call it a day; we write and publish your blogs as regularly as you need them.

Save your time for running your business or marketing campaign

Blogs take on average 3 hours to plan and write. That’s a lot of time for busy marketers, CEOs and Founders trying to run a business.

If you’re rushing to create blog content, anything you write can come out poor quality and a little sloppy.

You guys shouldn’t be writing blogs yourselves. Leave the writing to professional copywriters.

What you can expect when working with professional blog writers

Professional blog writers spend all their time focusing on content creation strategy and how best to add value to a website.

When working with us, you can expect the following: 

Data-driven planning and keyword research

Nothing we write is out of the blue. We make use of research done by real experts focusing on real readers, and we use it to isolate the best keywords for your purpose. 

Native English-speaking blog writers

Anything we write will be cohesive and make perfect sense to an English-speaking audience, which makes up around 17% of the total global population; that’s over a billion people who will find your content easy and interesting to read. 

SEO friendly content in your tone of voice

We do a lot of research into your business, and help you to come up with content goals that’ll push you forward. Our blog writers literally live and breathe your brand and make sure to write in your tone of voice while bringing their SEO knowledge to their content.

Continuity in your blogs

Professional blog writers will refer back to any previous content to keep in line with your blog tone of voice, style, and overall goal. 

Regular marketing stats on keyword ranking and website performance

We don’t just write blog posts for you, we delve into your keyword rankings at regular intervals. That means we keep an eye on your website’s performance throughout the deployment of our blog writing services to see just how well things are going. 

Awesome blog content every time!

How blogs should be written

We write blogs for real people. That means write interesting content that meet the needs of people. And we’ve spent years refining the process to bring just the right blog content to your door. 

When creating a blog post, we use a step by step process that goes as follows:  

Come up with content ideas

If you’ve got an idea for content, we’ll follow your ideas to put together the perfect blog post.

But if you’re not sure we’ll come up with some content ideas for you; we do this by considering your blog’s topic and tone, your audience, and what you’re trying to achieve with your content. 

Integrate these ideas with ideal target keywords

Once we’ve got an idea in mind, we’ll go through your SEO needs using previous keyword research and pick out the best keywords to target in the blog.

Most keywords chosen during this stage of creation will be focused on your niche using specific language, and will be backed by elements like search volume and audience intent.

However, it’s important to note here that we don’t ever overstuff SEO techniques into our writing; that’s just bad practice, and no one wants to sit through a blog post that’s written just for the algorithm!

Craft an outline

Now we’ve got the basic idea and the keywords to focus on, we’ll begin by putting together an outline for the blog. All our writers use an outline to help structure a blog post properly, and ensure it stays on topic and heads in the right direction.

Outlines consist of headers and subheadings, bulleted lists, pinpoints for where each section of content will go, and the call to action for a reader on the blog.

Brainstorm a killer headline

At this point we’ll also brainstorm the best headline for the post to ensure it immediately grabs a reader’s attention. Usually this is done during the initial outline stages, but we can continue to refine the headline idea throughout all stages of content creation. 

Write the content body

Then it’s on to the real meat of the post! The content body is where the majority of SEO efforts will be focused, using the outline made previously to allow the content to flow throughout the page.

We’ll start with the introductory paragraph using eye catching lines; these can be emotional tugs, rhetorical questions, or put emphasis on relevant statistics to draw a reader in.

We’ll then write content for each heading and subheading, using clear and concise language to allow for easy reading.

All of our writers are trained in adding value to posts, and will include in-depth, precise, and interesting knowledge about the topic in question.

If we wouldn’t want to read it, we don’t write it. 

Add a call to action for your reader

Then we’ll round off the post with a perfect call to action for the customer to convert. This is where we invite readers to take the desired next action they should take after reading the blog. Usually booking a call or requesting a demo.

Again, the call to action can’t be too heavy on selling you, this turns off readers and does the opposite. We craft the message carefully to make sure it focuses on the reader making the decision, not you trying to sell something to them. 

Once the content has been written, it’s sent through to an editor for refinement, and then it’s sent on to you. 

If you say yes to any of the following statements, then we’re not the right blogging partner for you

“Just write some blogs to move up the pages on Google” – this is not a strategy and will never work. It’s unsustainable, and Google itself has proposed a new machine learning algorithm to crack down on websites that do this. 

“Hire the cheapest copywriter” – Cheap content = crap content. If you’re looking for the cheapest writer to put something together every now and then, this won’t work. You need consistency from professionals who know what they’re doing. 

“Get me results in a month” – Impossible. Blog writing for SEO takes at least 6 months to get traction. Instant results and organic content just don’t go hand in hand. You’ll struggle with any marketing efforts to get ‘instant’ results, and if you choose them anyway, they’ll cost you a lot more than a professional blog content writing service. 

Add blog copywriting to your digital marketing plans

Get in touch and we can produce a clear plan of action for your website and blog.

Our content and blog writing services could be the missing link for your website.

Although we’re a local business based in and around Surrey, Hampshire and London, we serve the entirety of the UK!

Make blogging work for you

Frequently asked questions about blog writing services

How much does it cost for a professional to write a blog?

For a fully researched, professionally written, and fully search optimised blog post, you can expect to pay between £120 – £250 for a blog writer to produce a blog.

How long should my blog posts be?

The best performing blog posts are anywhere from 1,000 words onwards.

Budget plays a big part in both blog post quantity and word length. If you’re on a tight budget we’d recommend opting for at least two 700-1000 words per month for your blog.

If you have larger budgets we’d recommend several blog posts per week at 1000 words or more.

Do you include images and graphs in your blogs?

We’re writers, not designers. But we can get a quote over to you for bespoke blog graphics and images. Or use stock images.

How do you capture the right tone of voice for my blogs and business?

Once you submit your content brief we’ll take time to understand brand and target audience. We’ll then write blogs to match this and appeal to your target customers. Our writers will live and breathe your brand and business, writing to your customers.

Is this blog writing service good for SEO?

It is, and should be in any SEO strategy!

Our blog writers are clued up on all things SEO. We include SEO at all stages of content creation and adhere to the best practices.

What if I have specific keywords or topics?

Then please ping your keywords over to us to review. We work with lots of agencies and clients in this position too.

Do you offer white label blog writing?

Yes. If you’re a marketing, creative or SEO agency, then we’re happy to work with you.

We’ve worked with many design and dev agencies in the past, and still do now!

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What our clients think of us

The UK's leading driving school, BSM

Tom wrote 30 BSM Local Landing pages for us. A really difficult task however Tom did a great job. I would really recommend Tom for any content writing and we'll definitely look to use him again for further pages.

I’ve seen my site go from obscurity to ranking well

I’ve always been a bit dubious of SEO companies but I was referred to him by someone I know well and trust. I also saw the results a friend of mine had had by using his services. I’m so glad I chose to work with Tom. He’s explained everything really well and given me lots of options for now and also for moving forward. Most importantly I’ve seen my site go from obscurity to ranking well in a matter of months.

Ben Cumming Photography
An incredibly talented writer and the depth and range of his digital marketing knowledge is huge

I have had the pleasure of working with Tom and TJ Creative on a number of content projects for Big Gun Graphics. The quality of Toms work is second to none - he is an incredibly talented writer and the depth and range of his digital marketing knowledge is huge - a very powerful combination! Thank you Tom!

Big Gun Graphics
Their work is always to the highest of standards

Fantastic! I have been using TJ Creative since they started and without a doubt I would recommend them! Their work is always to the highest of standards and they take the time to listen to your brief and really get to know your business before creating any written work.

The Website Space
For content, marketing and SEO, just give them a call

I had been struggling with content and marketing for my wedding photography website but Tom understood what I wanted to achieve and he's smashed it for me. The ongoing work is just getting better and better. Brilliant to work with and he really knows his stuff. If you need help with your website... content, marketing and SEO then just give him a call.

Martin Slater Photography
Achieving great rankings for the website

Working with Tom at TJ Creative has been great. Although I'm using their SEO services, Tom is more than happy to advise me on other aspects of digital marketing. Along with optimising and achieving great rankings for the website. He has improved the site's usability and its overall look. He's always more than happy to help even if it's going beyond the service he's providing.

Hokey Cokey Party Shop
The content is of a high standard

Working with Tom has been amazing. The content is of high standard and I will certainly recommend your services to others.

SOS Creativity
Personalised and affordable service highly recommended

Personalised and affordable service highly recommended. We are using Tom to perfect all the text on our website and marketing material. He is a pleasure to work with and a valuable service for our business.

Entity Photographic
AAAAA+++++ written website content

AAAAA+++++ written website content for Chichester Carpet Cleaning, I am very pleased and will be using this young chap and his company again!

Chichester Carpet Cleaning

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