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What is the process for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?

Strap yourselves in, you’re in for a ride with this blog.

Before jumping right in, I want you to know that there is more to an effective SEO strategy than just doing some work to rank for keywords. I’m hoping this blog will show you that.

I love talking about SEO and I enjoy completing it for my clients. Working with them to help their business grow through SEO is why I do it. But it’s also the ability to support them with their evolving business.

Sure, achieving page 1 rankings is the main goal for SEO, but SEO is like a jigsaw puzzle – there are many pieces to play with. By slotting slotting all the pieces together, you will create a stronger brand and business for yourself.

What is SEO?

SEO is the strategy of optimising your website to help it rank on page 1 of Google.

We want Google to look at your website and choose to rank you for relevant search terms that your users are searching for.

However, there are many factors that Google considers when ranking your website.

SEO Process and Expectations

By trying to get Google to essentially like what it sees and make your site rank, it needs to be a top performer, on desktop but most importantly on mobile. Mobile ranking comes first now in SEO!

SEO is unlike any other service we offer. It’s an ongoing operation that needs to be closely monitored and regularly tweaked and realigned to the results and your business objectives.

There’s no quick fix for SEO. If there was everyone would be doing it.

Growing your online presence is very much like building a home – you start with the foundations and over time you build upon these foundations to formulate the house. Once you have the house it’s then time to turn it into your home.

Turning your house into your home is where it’s your time to shine. You can move all your furniture in and start decorating (or vice versa).

SEO is the same. You form your foundation for building an online presence – a website, a Google My Business Page and your social media channels. Once you have those digital elements, it’s time to make it your own.

Believe it or not, your brand will play a huge part.

Sure I can optimise your website’s content and apply all other technical SEO processes to get you ranking, but it’s about your brand to begin with. If you have a strong brand, your business and SEO will thrive from it.

SEO is like an investment. It’s a slow burn, but once you begin to rank for those competitive search terms, you won’t need to pay huge cost per clicks anymore.

Where do we start?

Plan, plan, plan again.

We always start by focusing on exactly what you want to achieve. Your SEO and business objectives should align, so whatever your expectations and goals, we will work to fit the SEO strategy around that.

It may be that you’re looking for more online enquiries. Maybe you’re looking to completely transform your business online with a new brand or website. Either way, we will need to have a digital strategy.

A full digital transformation may not be considered as SEO, but it is still essential. The look and feel of your digital marketing will revolve around your branding – the way it looks and even all of your messaging.

Once we have a basic plan in place, we can then get down to coming up with your SEO strategy.

We may jump right into preparing to optimise your website. But if you do need to change your website before doing the SEO, due to it’s look or boosting its performance, then we’ll do that beforehand.

Say we’re jumping into the SEO, this is the typical process.

TJ Creative's SEO

Keyword research

Before working on your website we need to research and agree on a suitable list of keywords to focus on. This way we can see where you’re ranking to begin with and compare month on month to see if things improve.

We need to find search phrases that users are searching for and are suitable to your business, services or products.

Website/page optimisation

Once we have the keywords agreed, we will review your entire website. We will optimise your site’s performance, user experience, content and other technical elements, such as its internal linking, meta descriptions, page titles and alt-tags.

Content writing/copywriting

Content writing and copywriting is part of our ‘website optimisation’ process, but at that point we usually spot some gaps within your content that could will improve your site’s experience and bolster the content for your users.

Upon reviewing your existing content we may recommend new website content, or we may suggest some editing to optimise your content across the site.

Your website’s content is essential. It must be short and concise to ensure people take the time to read it, whilst being optimised to Google best practice.

Our copywriting relies on SEO landing page creation and blogging. One of the most important aspects of SEO is regular, fresh and most importantly engaging content.

Ongoing strategy

The ongoing strategy revolves around SEO landing page creation and blogging. These two are pivotal to your SEO success. But it’s not just about writing content and uploading it to the website. We need to keep the content tweaked with internal links and new content being added regularly.

Google loves fresh content. If you leave a website’s content and never change it, Google will see it as out of date content.

Monthly reporting

We provide monthly reports so that you can keep track of the progress of the work.

You can usually expect to see positive results within the first 3-6 months.

Considering SEO for your site?

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