Digital Marketing in the New Year

Here we all are, thinking about what our New Year’s resolution will be.

To lose weight (that’s one of mine!), visit loved ones more often, quit smoking, or is it to start or even grow your business? If it’s the latter then we can help.

Here’s just some of the expectations you likely have for your business:

  • To grow your customer numbers
  • To increase revenue
  • To expand the business (number of employees, services you offer, locations you serve)
  • To create a new identity for your business (rebrand)
  • To improve your customer satisfaction scores or customer experience

There are a number of ways you can achieve all of these things. But one thing for sure is that investing in digital marketing will certainly help you to get there on many of these goals.

Let’s take a look how digital marketing can help you. I’ll give you options as to how you can achieve your business New Year’s goals.

How to prioritise your digital marketing efforts

Before jumping straight into any digital strategy, first think about your customers. Ultimately, what they want is more important than what you want to do from a marketing perspective.

Weigh up your past marketing successes and failures and really think about where your customers go to find their solution. Would they be Googling for your product or service? Are they hanging out on social media?

When you know who you’re looking to appeal to you can then weigh up where you should be putting your time, money and effort.

So, before deciding your digital marketing, take the time to understand your customers. Easily do this with surveys, past marketing results and make sure to create customer personas. You may need to invest in some professional market research, or you can use social media polls, customer surveys and industry reports.

Set your goals and budget, then weigh up your digital marketing options

Use the SMART acronym to help you set goals:

Specific (to deliver a certain number or percentage)
Measurable (use KPIs to measure your success)
Achievable (make sure your goal must be attainable)
Relevant (make sure your goals are representative of business values and objectives)
Time-sensitive (deadlines to hit your goals)

For each goal, state three to five practical actions that will help to deliver your objective.

Once you have your goals and a budget then you can consider the digital marketing you wish to invest in. You will also need to consider additional support to help deliver your marketing strategy: software required, consultancy, content creators, freelancers or whether you’re going to hire digital marketers in-house to lead your strategy.

Marketing to increase revenue


If you’re looking to grow your customer numbers and of course sales, then one of the fastest ways to do so is by marketing your business online. With most customers searching for solutions online every single day, it’s important that you appear when they’re searching for a solution you provide.

Not only will you want your business to be found easily online by customers, but then you want to make sure that you offer them the best shopping experience.

You will want to consider a variety of marketing approaches, including:

Search marketing (Search Engine Optimisation) – The process of making sure your website ranks highly on major search engines for relevant searches from customers. This is a long term approach to make sure you rank for the forseeable future.

Paid advertisement – Similar to SEO above but a sure-fire way to appear at the top of search results by paying to be at the top. This can be expensive but it could be worthwhile if you can achieve a great return on investment for your products/services.

Social media marketing – Regularly posting quality content on your social media profile will help to grow your following and therefore your customer base.

Email marketing – There was a time where marketers gave up on email marketing, but it’s back with a vengeance. Email marketing is hugely popular and an effective way to reach out to new and existing customers. It’s an opportunity to up-sell and create a brand to remember and follow. All you need is a decent list of contacts (and to continue building it over time) and awesome email copywriting to really appeal to your audience.

Content – Whatever method of marketing you choose you will need to create engaging content that appeals to your target audience. Without a quality message you will struggle to convert people into customers.

Marketing to expand the business


Starting a business is one thing, but expanding it is where the difficulty lies. If you’re looking to expand your business further, there are many things you can do.

You need to strike a fine balance between growing internally, still pushing in sales and marketing, all the while ensuring there’s enough profit still being generated. This is why, from a marketing perspective, you need to be smart about what it is you’re going to do moving into next year.

Really focus on your potential customer – where do they hang out and where do they go when they need to find a solution, and what do they search?

Marketing to create a new brand


How are people perceiving your business online? No matter the industry you’re in, all brands need to look the part. That first glance needs to appeal to the customer, if it doesn’t because your branding is unprofessional or just a low quality then you will lost the customer rightaway.

On top of needing a quality logo, you also need to have consistency wherever it appears. So much so that the customer becomes familiar with the branding.

A new brand and logo will also mean a new website design. And a new website means new website content and a strategy to get your new brand out there.

When people say they want a new brand they make the mistake of neglecting their brand’s message and tone of voice. So do make sure that you not only work on the look of your brand, but also the feel. The words you use to communicate will have a stronger emotional reaction from your customers.

Marketing to improve your customer satisfaction


If this is more to do with the customer service you and the team provide or the quality of your service/product, then you will need to deal with this internally. But if you’re looking to offer a better online experience for your customers, then we can help.

The user experience (UX) for your customer online needs to be smooth. For example, if a potential customer comes to your website it’s so important that they can easily find what they’re looking for and even better can buy, book or enquire about your product or services.

You can provide the best online experience for customers through website design and UX copywriting & content.

If you’re looking to improve or create an app or platform then again, the UX needs to be on point – customers need your app to be super easy to use.

Need some help in coming up with your digital marketing strategy for 2022?

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