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You have less than 5 seconds to keep your customer’s attention when they land on your website.

It’s your website’s content that will make your customers stay on your website or not. 

Not only that, if you have someone discovering your website on Google in the first place, then you know that you’ve done your web content right.

Content plays a huge part in how good a website’s search engine optimisation is.

Then the next obstacle – keeping the attention of your website users/potential customer.

If customers don’t find your website’s content interesting, then you won’t even get their attention, and they’ll just leave and go elsewhere.

You can’t risk putting up boring content, it will just send your customers away.

To get more customers online, focus on creating great content

Websites are the difference between converting someone into a customer or losing them completely.

It’s time to write website content that stops customers from leaving, and give them something worth reading!

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How website content helps business

Ironically, we could write all day about why content writing is important for business. But instead, we’ll keep it short.

Content is like cupid’s arrow to your potential customers. It helps your potential customers find you. It helps them fall in love with you, and it helps them to make them want to buy from you. That’s it in a nutshell really.

Content is your brand, it’s your message, it’s your ideals. It’s everything.

It can help to attract and convert.

That’s both your website content and the content on your blog. It’s there to answer questions, to solve problems and to persuade people.

How content writing will help grow your business

Content writing will help to grow your business in more ways than one. 

Firstly, it will help your SEO, meaning you’ll be ranking higher in the search results. This means you’ll be getting more traffic to your website.

Which brings us on to our second point… 

You won’t just be ranking, you’ll be ranking for the right search terms. The search terms that your potential customers are searching for. 

It’s not just any old traffic, it’s the right traffic. Heard that in a seductive M&S ad voice, didn’t you? 

Continuing with the love analogy…

It will make people fall in love with your brand. Once they get to your website and see more relevant content, they’re more likely to stay and look. If they like what they see, they’ll likely convert.  

It’s that simple.

Great content = more customers.

More customers = bigger business.

Content writing services in the UK

Words are powerful

To really create content that will truly boost your sales and lead generation online, you should work with a UK-based content writing agency that specialises in copywriting, content and search marketing (SEO).

Writing content for websites is tough work. It requires a lot of time and a deep understanding of your customers and the psychology behind how people use websites.

These are all things a creative content writer can bring to the table, and help you to grow your business.

How the best content writing services work

Top content writing services start with a focus on your audience. It’ll hone in on who you’re trying to reach. They’ll look at who and how you can reach them. 

Then they’ll take a look at your USPs (unique selling points) and see what it is that makes you great.

Your USPs are basically your elevator sales pitch. It’s what makes you special and sets you aside from your competitors. 

Armed with your USPs and target audience, the next focus is the tone of voice of your brand.

These dots between your product or service and your target audience need to be connected. They can be connected through great words and a great website experience.

All of this information is key to creating a successful content strategy. It’s the basis of everything that should be on your website, from product pages to blogs. 

A content writing service will take this all into account to make your website as successful as it can be.

Finding the best content writers

So you know how content writing services work, but how to know if you’ve found a great content writer?

Finding the best content writer is more than just finding someone who can write some good words.

A great content writer will:

  • Have a real interest in understanding who your audience is
  • Want to get a deep understanding of your USPs
  • Create the right tone of voice that showcases your business and connects with your audience
  • Write your content to the platform – for example, they’ll always focus on the user experience and psychology of a user reading on line content

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What’s the secret to effective website copy?

The best website content takes your online visitors on a journey through the website. The words you use have to give value to your visitors and guide them into making a decision.

Think of them as someone who needs help and they’ve landed on your website for a solution – you have to show them you’re their solution.

How can you show you’re their solution? Through showing how your service or product will help them, and giving them an enjoyable, super easy experience using your website.

Another reason to invest in website content

Content can grow your business

Your website content is needed to make sure your business can be easily found online. People will only find you by searching on the likes of Google, Yahoo and Bing.

When you wish to appear for relevant searches on these search engines, you need website content that embraces the process of search engine optimisation (SEO).

How to write quality content

ALWAYS quality over quantity

Concise content in the voice of your business is the way forward. It contributes to the aesthetics of your website and effective website copy will help users on their journey to finding a solution.

Quality is harder than quantity to be honest, so you may need some help.

Start working with a content writer in just 3 steps

  1. Tell us what you needwe’ll ask you for some details about your business and website
  2. Get your free quote
  3. Agree to the work, wait for your copy!

Our website content writers are available to every business across the UK. We’ve worked with local business to us in Surrey and Hampshire, as well as businesses across the UK in Manchester, Birmingham and even further north in Glasgow!

We conduct research into all businesses and industries that we work with before writing, but we also encourage you (the industry expert) to get involved in the process.

Through a collaborative process we will produce content full of substance, clarity, personality and innovation.


  • Engaging on-brand (your brand) content
  • Entirely unique content
  • Faultless grammar and punctuation
  • Optimised content for search engines
  • Great readability

What services are included in content writing?

Content writing includes website content, copywriting, SEO content, editing and Google Ads. 

You may have a gap that you’d like support with. Or, you may be thinking or branching out across all services.

Whatever you need, working with a content writing consultant will help to elevate your brand.

How to pick a good content writing company

Best Search and Content Marketing Business Surrey award

Now we don’t want to blow our own trumpet, but we know a thing or two when it comes to content.

We’ll let these content wins do the talking:

  • Child nursery, Lucky Beans, thanks to the increase in online bookings helped them to grow their business by opening 4 additional nurseries!
  • New online shop, Cross-Stitch increased their sales by 1,0050% with SEO content
  • Startup event supplier, Celebration Carts, have received over 20 online enquiries thanks to SEO

Here’s to creating awesome content – let your business grow online

All marketing starts with a plan. We’ll take care of it for you so you can get back to what you do best.

We’ll take the time to learn about your business, understand your brand and create customer personas to really understand who we are talking to.

Complete our project brief an leave the rest to us!

Discounts available on marketing packages, including PPC, SEO, copywriting and social media.

Want to learn more about content writing?

Then make sure you check out our tons of blogs on content!

What our clients have to say…

The UK's leading driving school, BSM

Tom wrote 30 BSM Local Landing pages for us. A really difficult task however Tom did a great job. I would really recommend Tom for any content writing and we'll definitely look to use him again for further pages.

I’ve seen my site go from obscurity to ranking well

I’ve always been a bit dubious of SEO companies but I was referred to him by someone I know well and trust. I also saw the results a friend of mine had had by using his services. I’m so glad I chose to work with Tom. He’s explained everything really well and given me lots of options for now and also for moving forward. Most importantly I’ve seen my site go from obscurity to ranking well in a matter of months.

Ben Cumming Photography
An incredibly talented writer and the depth and range of his digital marketing knowledge is huge

I have had the pleasure of working with Tom and TJ Creative on a number of content projects for Big Gun Graphics. The quality of Toms work is second to none - he is an incredibly talented writer and the depth and range of his digital marketing knowledge is huge - a very powerful combination! Thank you Tom!

Big Gun Graphics
Their work is always to the highest of standards

Fantastic! I have been using TJ Creative since they started and without a doubt I would recommend them! Their work is always to the highest of standards and they take the time to listen to your brief and really get to know your business before creating any written work.

The Website Space
For content, marketing and SEO, just give them a call

I had been struggling with content and marketing for my wedding photography website but Tom understood what I wanted to achieve and he's smashed it for me. The ongoing work is just getting better and better. Brilliant to work with and he really knows his stuff. If you need help with your website... content, marketing and SEO then just give him a call.

Martin Slater Photography
Achieving great rankings for the website

Working with Tom at TJ Creative has been great. Although I'm using their SEO services, Tom is more than happy to advise me on other aspects of digital marketing. Along with optimising and achieving great rankings for the website. He has improved the site's usability and its overall look. He's always more than happy to help even if it's going beyond the service he's providing.

Hokey Cokey Party Shop
The content is of a high standard

Working with Tom has been amazing. The content is of high standard and I will certainly recommend your services to others.

SOS Creativity
Personalised and affordable service highly recommended

Personalised and affordable service highly recommended. We are using Tom to perfect all the text on our website and marketing material. He is a pleasure to work with and a valuable service for our business.

Entity Photographic
AAAAA+++++ written website content

AAAAA+++++ written website content for Chichester Carpet Cleaning, I am very pleased and will be using this young chap and his company again!

Chichester Carpet Cleaning

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