Search engine optimisation in Basingstoke to get customers landing on your website and generating leads and sales

The beauty of SEO marketing is that it doesn’t matter what size your business is. By writing SEO content that interests your customers and makes their life easier, you can get sales and enquiries from your website.

With clever SEO techniques and quality website content, you’ll get more eyes on your website, and more enquiries and sales.

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    What exactly is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?

    SEO is the process of getting your website to rank for relevant words and questions that your customers are searching for online.

    By ranking as high as possible, you increase your chances of getting a customer to land on your website, read your content and decide to either enquire about your services or by your product.

    Why businesses fight to be at the top of Google

    To increase their business’s visibility online for relevant words and questions their customers are searching for. The aim to get enquiries and sales.

    Businesses have had a lot of success over the years with SEO to scale their business through their website.

    Rank well, you get more visitors. Get more visitors, increase your chances of converting people to buy from you.

    Write great content, you turn users into customers.

    SEO builds authority for your brand, gets relevant people on your website, and can grow your business by converting users into customers.

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    How do you get to page 1 on the search engines?

    By balancing quality content for your customers with the technical knowledge of SEO.

    The technical bits of SEO are important, but it’s also about writing high quality and engaging content that has SEO keywords thinking behind it.

    The content side of SEO is what makes businesses like yours succeed.

    SEO with a focus on content for your users

    It’s not all just about ranking. Ranking can be a vanity result. Really what you want is to rank for highly relevant keywords.

    You’ll want to try and rank for keywords that are:

    • Actually searched by your perfect customer
    • Relevant to your services or products

    Ranking means you get your user’s attention, communicate with them and guide them to get in contact or buy from you.

    We’ve seen businesses ‘rank’. The issue however is if you can’t keep your users’ attention, then you’ll lose your ranking.

    Think of Google as a people pleaser – they want to give their users the answers they need and the best experience possible.

    Google tracks what a user does when they click a search result. If it doesn’t go well, then they won’t hesitate to cut you from the results.

    Content is the difference between keeping people happy on a website or not.

    Engaging copy is absolutely essential in SEO

    Quality content is often the missing link to a successful SEO project.

    Content, after all, is the final hurdle – it’s what makes your customer/site visitor decide whether to enquire or buy.

    Writing content for the sake of it is detrimental to any marketing campaign. All content has to be written with your customers in mind. With a good strategy behind it you will win at SEO.

    Effective SEO: Content, content, and a little bit more content

    “SEO takes time.” This is a cliche in SEO, yet it’s true. SEO does take time and it’s a long term investment. Anyone looking for results right now from SEO, or anyone promising instant results from SEO is wrong.

    You need to plan your content, get writing it and publishing it. See both SEO and content as an investment into your business. You will benefit in the long run.

    Although content is essential, there are other areas that make up our SEO services in Basingstoke.

    Our SEO services in Basingstoke include:

    • Keyword Research

    • Content Writing

    • Page Optimisation

    • Ongoing Strategy

    • Monthly Reporting

    Just having a website isn’t enough any more – you need SEO to get customers landing on your site

    Having a website is great, but if people can’t find it online then people won’t be able to see what you have to offer.

    Without SEO, your business is being missed by hundreds of users (customers!) every day, week or month.

    Just think, most people turn to Google when they need a solution, product or service. So you can take a pretty good guess that means that your customers are searching on Google too.

    So you need to make sure it’s your website that pops up in their search.

    What results can I expect to see with SEO in Basingstoke for my business?

    More users on Google Analytics, emails, calls, messages or spikes on your sales dashboard.

    Once your website is ranking for good, relevant search terms, you should expect more website visits and potentially more sales/enquiries/bookings coming through for your services.

    By appearing on page 1 you increase your chances of attracting them to your site, enabling them to find out about your amazing products or services.

    Ggrow your business in the long term with SEO’s help

    You know better than anyone that growing your business is hard work. It takes time and investment. SEO is no different.

    Lead generation from your website is absolutely key to growing your business. SEO can turn your website into a full time sales person!

    SEO can take up to 6 months to start getting good traction with SEO, but it’s the long term gain that makes it so appealing. Content offers literally one the best ROI in the sphere of marketing. Website, social media, emails, they all rely on content!

    Whether you’re looking to grow locally, nationally or globally, SEO can help you achieve that

    SEO packages TJ Creative

    Wherever you are in Basingstoke, and no matter the size of your business, you can get more eyes on your website

    For SEO in Hampshire, SEO in Portsmouth, SEO in Southampton, and anywhere else in the UK, get in touch!

    What our clients say about us:

    The UK's leading driving school, BSM

    Tom wrote 30 BSM Local Landing pages for us. A really difficult task however Tom did a great job. I would really recommend Tom for any content writing and we'll definitely look to use him again for further pages.

    I’ve seen my site go from obscurity to ranking well

    I’ve always been a bit dubious of SEO companies but I was referred to him by someone I know well and trust. I also saw the results a friend of mine had had by using his services. I’m so glad I chose to work with Tom. He’s explained everything really well and given me lots of options for now and also for moving forward. Most importantly I’ve seen my site go from obscurity to ranking well in a matter of months.

    Ben Cumming Photography
    An incredibly talented writer and the depth and range of his digital marketing knowledge is huge

    I have had the pleasure of working with Tom and TJ Creative on a number of content projects for Big Gun Graphics. The quality of Toms work is second to none - he is an incredibly talented writer and the depth and range of his digital marketing knowledge is huge - a very powerful combination! Thank you Tom!

    Big Gun Graphics
    Their work is always to the highest of standards

    Fantastic! I have been using TJ Creative since they started and without a doubt I would recommend them! Their work is always to the highest of standards and they take the time to listen to your brief and really get to know your business before creating any written work.

    The Website Space
    For content, marketing and SEO, just give them a call

    I had been struggling with content and marketing for my wedding photography website but Tom understood what I wanted to achieve and he's smashed it for me. The ongoing work is just getting better and better. Brilliant to work with and he really knows his stuff. If you need help with your website... content, marketing and SEO then just give him a call.

    Martin Slater Photography
    Achieving great rankings for the website

    Working with Tom at TJ Creative has been great. Although I'm using their SEO services, Tom is more than happy to advise me on other aspects of digital marketing. Along with optimising and achieving great rankings for the website. He has improved the site's usability and its overall look. He's always more than happy to help even if it's going beyond the service he's providing.

    Hokey Cokey Party Shop
    The content is of a high standard

    Working with Tom has been amazing. The content is of high standard and I will certainly recommend your services to others.

    SOS Creativity
    Personalised and affordable service highly recommended

    Personalised and affordable service highly recommended. We are using Tom to perfect all the text on our website and marketing material. He is a pleasure to work with and a valuable service for our business.

    Entity Photographic
    AAAAA+++++ written website content

    AAAAA+++++ written website content for Chichester Carpet Cleaning, I am very pleased and will be using this young chap and his company again!

    Chichester Carpet Cleaning

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