Bank Holiday Marketing Tips for your Business

Everyone rejoices, “finally, it’s the Bank Holiday Weekend”.

Sadly, it’s the last one of the year.

It is, however, another opportunity to try and appeal to your buyers.

Consider your customers

Whether you serve businesses or consumers (or both) with a service or product, any Bank Holiday can work in your favour.

Are you targeting your businesses?

You’re reading this right now, so you’re interested in marketing your business even though you’re not meant to be working. Tut tut.

Other business owners are of the same mindset. Work never stops, and bank holidays are no different.

Are you targeting consumers?

For any holiday your consumers are prime and ready. They’re searching online, they’re posting on social, heck, they’ll be browsing online more because they have the time to do so.

Create a customer persona

This is not the blog to dive into creating a customer persona, but there’s a great blog from Search Engine Journal, which goes into detail of how you can identify your audience and master your marketing.Check it out!

Here’s how you can market your business for every bank holiday

There are several ways you can do so. I would advise that you carefully consider your ploy. There’s no point jumping in without a plan.

A bit of marketing prep can go a long way to really perfect your message.

Here are my quick tips on what you can do as a business.

Identify what you’re offering

What is it you’re offering to your customers? You don’t always have to offer them a mega saving deal, but you need to identify what it is you’re offering for the bank holiday, what you’re communicating, and how.

Create a bank holiday landing page on your website

By doing so, you can create a really cool page that is directed at your target persona. You need to speak to them and show them why they need your product or service.

Remember, people online have a question, you need to be their solution. If you’ve spiked their interest, you need to deliver.

Your landing page needs to be super focused on the fact that it’s a bank holiday but also what the user needs. Speak directly to the persona you’re targeting and make sure your message resonates.

Once you have this page, you will be able to customise it for each and every bank holiday in the future. All you need to do is update the imagery and content.

In terms of pushing this page out for everyone to see, promote it on social, email and paid ads.

You can of course optimise it for search engines, but there’s no guarantee you will rank quickly.

Get seen on social

People are bound to be on social media at some point over the weekend. This is why you need to make sure you have a presence.

Ideally, if time allows, you want to create a build up to the weekend.

Start a social campaign

A week or two before the weekend, let your followers know that your business is aware the bank holiday is coming up. Sounds silly, but it’s a great way to gain some personal recognition and relate to your followers.

If you have something exciting to offer them, then let them know that, build up a little bit of suspense.

Create a relatable paid ad

Once you have your target audience and the message behind a paid promotion, you can then go ahead and set that up.

For a social paid ad

Make sure your messaging is clear and concise, and your imagery is on-brand and of a good quality.

Most importantly, make sure your post stands out. That relies on a combination of the content and image in your paid social post.

Make sure your geographic targeting is right too. If you’re a small business, you may be looking to market yourself locally. Don’t overstretch your targeting, especially if you’re on a tight budget.

For businesses, make sure you target the right people in a business.

If you’re targeting consumers, try to appeal to them by age and interests.

For Google (PPC)

It’s the same process really. Make sure your messaging appeals to your target audience.

Depending on the type of ad you do, you may not have imagery backing up your message.

The title on your ad really needs to stand out. Don’t be afraid to be bold or go against what everyone else is doing.

Target relevant keywords for your ad, you don’t want to bid on the wrong search terms and see the bounce rate (people leaving your site after landing on it) on your website rise. Really home in on your audience.

Don’t forget your own customer base

If you’ve got an email list of subscribers/customers, then use it.

As they’re existing customers, it may be a nice touch to reward them for being one of your customers.

There you have it, some tips for your bank holiday marketing

I hope you’ve gained some inspiration from this blog of mine.

If you’ve got any questions, scroll down and fill in the contact form below and I will get back to you.


Enjoy your weekend!

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