Booths of Distinction logo, website design and brand messaging

Branding, website design and content writing for luxury photo booth startup

The founder of Booths of Distinction, a luxury photo booth company, approached us for support in launching their new business.

We supported them with logo design, website design & development, website content and search marketing.

Logo design

With a photo booth that produced black and white images, we decided to follow this theme for the visual brand.

Sleekness and simplicity was essential for Booths of Distinction’s visual identity.

Website content

After reviewing BoD’s competitors we knew that the website content needed to speak directly to a specific target audience; wealthy individuals and lavish event planners & venues.

Alongside identifying the target persona, we conducted keyword research from an SEO perspective. These keywords were worked into the website content.

In producing the website content, we ensured we wrote it from the perspective of great readability. This meant ensuring the content was written with a great user experience in mind for the website’s design.

Website design

Website design & content strategy BoD

After the content was signed off we then moved into placing the copy into a website structure.

Once satisfied with the layout of the content we added the visual identity of the brand into a detailed design.

This was a black and white design supported by high quality and authentic BoD photos.

Website development

Our dev built the website to the clean and easily usable design.

The one complex aspect of the website’s build however was the need for a portal. This needed to be somewhere where, after an event, the BoD team could securely upload the pictures. Their clients would be provided with a password to access the gallery the next day and view their images.

The development of a bespoke client portal

Website development - client portal

The above is the login screen for that portal that we created.

After creating this we created a user guide for Kim and her team – with step by step instructions for using the portal.

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