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A ‘wheely’ great start for this event supplier startup

In its first 6 months of SEO content, Celebration Carts saw:

  • 20 new customer enquiries/leads generated from the website
  • A 670% increase in people landing on celebrationcarts.co.uk from Google Search
  • A whopping 6100% increase in how many searches the Celebration Carts website appears for

And Celebration Carts’ online presence just keeps growing!

Increase in impressions due to improving the SEO of Celebration Carts

Increase in impressions (website ranking) over time

Growth of clicks/visitors to the Celebration Carts website

Over a year we achieved:

  • 1065% increase in clicks to the website form Google
  • 1040% improvement in how many times the website appears in a customer’s online search
  • ROI on the SEO and content created due to generating regular leads every month.

How we helped Celebration Carts start and grow online

Celebration Carts - cart hire Surrey and Hampshire

Former Celebration Carts owner, April, came to us with nothing but this awesome looking event cart. Not even a brand name!

TJ Creative may be specialists in content, but we’re also a team of creative thinkers. This project was a nice one where we could be involved right from the get-go.

First things first, come up with name

April has growth plans for her business, but primarily, we wanted the name to be what it is – a cart that’s ready to hire for any celebration.

Et voilàCelebration Carts was born!

Next, logo design

There were a lot of ideas flying around which involved various looks and feels of cart. The difficulty really was creating a brand that appealed to the various customers; bride & groom, party organisers and parents to be.

April wanted it to be clean and simple, but not lacking personality. We liked a simple black and white theme and could really see the website looking clean with a black and white theme.

Other companies like Celebration Carts have, in all honestly, cheap and tacky logos and websites.

We wanted Celebration Carts to be classy, like the cart itself.

So this is what we came up with.

Celebration Carts - Startup Marketing & Content

Website design and content

April wanted something that was easy for her to manage and affordable to design.

When it comes to choosing a CMS (content management system) for a website, we’re usually a WordPress supporter. On this occasion for April and Celebration Carts, we recommended Wix.

Why Wix? It’s easy and much cheaper to build a website on Wix over WordPress, and Wix have upped their game when it comes to getting your website found by customers online (search engine optimisation/SEO).

Note: a custom-built website on WordPress will, if built well, perform better and load faster.

So that’s what we did, we built the entire website on Wix and created the content simultaneously as we built it.

Celebration Carts website by TJ Creative

Take a proper look at the Celebration Carts website at celebrationcarts.co.uk and see what you think. By all means tell us what you think of it!

While you’re there, check out the cart and the packages available. It’s perfect for birthday parties, baby showers and weddings in Surrey and Hampshire.

SEO and content marketing strategy

It’s great and all launching a new website, but without any SEO work, people won’t find your new website.

To make sure people discover your new website, you need to start building up it’s trust with Google through SEO and content. Once you win Google over, you can expect your website to start showing up in searches from customers, which will lead to clicks on your new website.

In building the website and writing the website content, we had all the technical aspects right. But SEO doesn’t stop there.

Our next approach was focused on the SEO and content marketing strategy. We identified ongoing SEO copywriting being right for the business and their customers. Content is absolutely essential in any SEO strategy.

SEO copywriting by writing blogs and creating SEO landing pages.

In the first 3 months of SEO, we saw great growth:

  • A 250% improvement in NEW users finding Celebration Carts on Google search
  • A 500% improvement in website sessions

And now, having made more progress and with more website data available, here’s the results achieved over a 6 month period on a limited SEO budget:

  • 20 new customer enquiries/leads generated from the website
  • A 670% improvement in people landing celebrationcarts.co.uk from Google Search
  • A whopping 6100% increase in how many searches Celebration Carts appears for an online search

After a year of work and patience

The Celebration Carts website started to rank really well, which can be seen by the impressions and clicks to the website below:

Increase in impressions (website ranking) over time

With enquiries still pouring in, the website is appearing for just shy of 23.5k searches every month.

On top of this huge growth in impressions, the website saw a 1065% increase in clicks from Google’s search results.

Growth of clicks/visitors to the Celebration Carts website

SEO is the sole marketing approach from Celebration Carts. The amount of leads (on average between 10-20 leads per month) they generate from SEO means they currently have no need to use any other more aggressive or expensive approach, like Google Ads.

Want to know the difference between SEO and Google Ads? Check out our helpful blog on this.

Thanks to the increase in ranking and clicks to the website, users are enquiring about booking the cart and the team are converting leads into bookings.

SEO and content achieved huge growth and a return on investment for Celebration Carts.

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