The company we worked with was founded by a former teacher. His ambition was to create an exclusive online marketplace where teachers could easily download teaching resources for EYFS, KS1 and KS2 pupils. His resources are uniquely fun and rare, and even better, teachers could use them affordably and easily in their own classroom!



They aspired for a high quality educational website which matched the personality of his learning resources. On top of this, the business had a fierce rival in this field, so we knew that Search Engine Optimisation and copywriting was imperative in the marketing strategy and when producing the website content.

We set out to create web content which:

  • Slotted nicely into the new and intuitive design through UX copywriting
  • Guided teachers effortlessly to find the relevant learning resources for their pupils
  • Helped them to rank on Google for the very competitive teaching resource keywords



The website on launch was a huge hit. Teachers loved the design and enjoyed the experience of it. The content looked the part and heavily supported on the aesthetic appeal.

The website itself bubbled up in the Google rankings for some of the most competitive keywords we targeted, bringing in teachers from across the UK.

After completing the project, we continued optimising the website. Blog writing became a big part of our work, along with social media marketing.

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